The Voice Heard Round The World … And In Your Own Backyard

Whether you’re talking to your friend down the street or someone across the globe, All West’s home phone packages deliver what you need most – clarity, quality and reliability. Talk a little with our Standard Plan, or Talk-A-Lot with nationwide, anytime Long Distance. Our Talk-A-Lot plan can tailor your phone services to your individual needs with Individual Ringtones, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Solicitor Block and more.

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Bringing You a Crystal Clear Connection

Why a home phone? Reliability for one! Landlines are a reliable way to make sure your connection is right on – at a fraction of the cost. No more dropped calls, questionable coverage or poor reception. Something cell phone services can’t guarantee won’t happen. Our Residential Phone Plans do more than keep you in touch. They also allow you the flexibility to add the features you want. Think of it as local calling without limits.

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Make Your Home Phone Really Sing

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you need it. Now you can customize your basic calling plan with the special features you just discovered you really need. Load your home phone with all the bells and whistles that reflect your individual tastes and needs - like distinct ringtones and the ability to block unwanted solicitors. All with a low monthly charge.

Most Popular Features

Customize your basic calling plan with the special features you desire. Maybe distinct ring tones are music to your ears. Perhaps blocking unwanted solicitors strikes a chord. With a low monthly charge, choosing the features that you prefer is in perfect harmony with your pocketbook.

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Call Waiting

Never miss another important call while using your phone line. Call Waiting notifies you that you have a second call waiting with a short tone every 10 seconds. The caller will hear the standard ring tone until you decide to take the call or let it roll to voicemail.

basic voicemail graphic

Basic Voicemail

Basic Voicemail includes a voice mailbox that stores messages left by callers when the line is busy or unanswered. A distinct stutter-tone notifies you of new stored messages when you pick up the phone. Check your messages from any touchtone phone.
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Premium Voicemail

Premium Voicemail provides you with all the features of Basic Voicemail with the option of forwarding those voicemails to your email inbox. Our Premium package includes: 100 messages, up to 30 minutes of total time, and a 120 second limit per message.
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Caller ID

Knowing who is on the line before picking up the phone gives you the ability to decide whether to accept the call or let the machine get it. The Caller ID display device (sold separately) identifies the incoming caller, including their number, date, and time of call.
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Private Number Blocking

Protect your line from unidentified callers. Private Number Blocking screens blocked numbers with an automated message advising them that you do not accept calls from anonymous numbers, and how to unblock their number in order to reach you.

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Solicitor Block

Solicitor Block plays a warning message at the beginning of each incoming call that you do not accept calls from telemarketers, and instructs them to add your number to the ‘Do Not Call’ list. You can opt to turn off the automated message for specified callers.


Other Calling Features

calling forwarding fixed graphic

Call Forwarding Fixed

Accept important home phone calls even when out running errands or picking up the kids from soccer. Our Fixed Call Forwarding feature gives you the possibility to forward incoming calls to a pre-selected number. Simply turn the feature on or off as needed.

call forwarding variable

Call Forwarding Variable

Our Variable Call Forwarding option comes with the same features as the Fixed plan, but with the option of choosing between more than one number. Forward your home phone calls to the office, your spouse, or your cell phone when expecting an important call.

call forwarding busy

Call Forwarding-Busy

The Call Forwarding Busy feature is comparable to the Fixed feature, with the added benefit of forwarding incoming calls to a pre-selected number when the line is busy or unanswered. Activate this option when you expect to make a lengthy call.

Caller ID/Waiting graphic

Caller ID/Call Waiting

This option combines the practicality of Caller ID and the convenience of call waiting. Place an existing call on hold to answer a second call from a known number. You can even toggle between two calls. Must have Call Waiting and Caller ID features activated.

three way call graphic

Three-Way Call

This feature lets you add a third person on a different line to a dialogue. Three-Way calling lets you conference a much needed second opinion or tie-breaker into the exchange, or strike up a conversation with two friends in separate locations at once.

distinctive ring graphic

Distinctive Ring

This feature gives you up to three distinctive rings in addition to your regular home phone ring. All calls come through on the same line to your home phone, but unique rings can help you distinguish between a call from your mother and business.

non listed number graphic

Non-Listed Number

Every home phone number gets listed in the telephone book automatically. The Non-Listed Number option eliminates your number from the automatic public listing, but still allows someone access when using directory assistance.

non published number graphic

Non-Published Number

In addition to the features provided in the Non-Listed Number, this option bars directory assistance from providing your number to callers. With this option, only individuals that you personally provide your number will be able to call you at home.

remote call forwarding graphic

Remote Call Forwarding

Similar to the basic Call Forwarding feature, Remote Call Forwarding lets you select to forward your calls after you have already left the house. Maybe your trip to the grocery store has had a few detours, but unforeseen delays don’t have to keep you out of touch.

toll restriction graphic

Toll Restriction

The Toll Restriction feature lets you choose to restrict outgoing calls that require an additional charge, such as dialing long distance, or internationally. This feature helps eliminate unintentional expenses.

call number rejection graphic

Called Number Rejection

Our Called Number Rejection feature lets you have the option to block up to nine known numbers. Simply indicate which telephone numbers you wish to block and they will be blocked automatically.

caller id name blocking graphic

Caller ID Name Blocking

This feature gives you the option to call from an anonymous number, invisible to Caller ID devices, when the situation calls for privacy. To make your information visible, simply press *82 before dialing the call.

cancel call waiting graphic

Cancel Call-Waiting

Cancel Call-Waiting prevents call waiting interruption on important calls. This feature allows you to cancel call waiting before or during a call. To disable Call Waiting for the next call, press *70 before the call. To cancel call waiting during an active call, press *70 during the call.

Additional Services

Expressing your own individuality doesn’t stop with all of these features. The following only enhance an already terrific array of services.

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Our next-generation subscriber interface enables you to customize calling features, access visual voicemails, and check messages from anywhere.


The Telephone Assistance Program, or “Lifeline”, provides eligible recipients with local telephone service at their primary residence at a reduced price.
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International Calling

The world just keeps getting smaller. And at All West we’re lending a helping hand. Our International Calling Plan means you can reach out to just about anyone and anywhere in the world - from Paris to Tokyo to Tibet.

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