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Managed Wi-Fi by Plume

The next step in Wi-Fi Performance. Connect computers, laptops, gaming systems, tablets, and other Wi-Fi products with Plume. Plume is a cloud-based system that provides you with a superior, broadband experience where and when you need it. The Plume SuperPods plug into your wall and work to optimize your Wi-Fi and maximize your broadband speed potential.

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Plume Features


Wi-Fi coverage where and when you need it so you never have a dead zone. Plume continually learns your usage and optimizes your home network to keep things running smoothly.


With Plume, you have complete control over all the devices in your home. Set up internet timeouts, device freezes, create guest passwords, and manage device access on an individual level or across your whole home network.


Keep your internet data private. Designed to keep you safe and secure through matching, learning security that filters out suspicious activity, automatically quarantines devices that behave strangely and provides built-in ad blocking for a better internet experience.


More than digital security. Plume uses disturbances in Wi-Fi signals between your SuperPods and a motion detection capable device. These disturbances in the signal are translated into motion events, which you can use to keep yourself aware of activity in your home.
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