Refer a friend and you’ll both get a $50 credit!

If you love your connection through All West’s services, your neighbors and friends probably will too. Under this customer referral program, you and your friend can each save $50 on an upcoming bill simply by referring them to set up an account with All West using your unique referral code.

Many of our customers use our services because someone close to them made the switch first and told them about it. We think you should be rewarded for sharing the connection too. If you would like to save on your bill, consider sharing your unique referral code for All West Communication’s services with a friend.

How does it work?

Each active All West customer has been assigned a unique referral code that can be shared with anyone who is looking for better internet, phone, or TV services in the area. Your code can be found by contacting our customer support team.

To receive the reward credit, the person who receives a code from a current customer should enter the code when requesting our services online at

When a new customer signs up for services using a referral code, our team will automatically establish a bill credit to both accounts after one billing cycle has been complete in the new account. Both accounts will see the credit applied on the bill following the new account holder’s second month of service, typically the bill covering their first complete billing cycle.

The more people you refer, the more bill credits you can earn.

Help your friends discover the benefits of All West Communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

My friend gave me a referral code to save $50, how do I use it?

If you’ve received a referral code from a friend, navigate to and follow the process to check your address and select the services you would like to have. On step 4 – “Set Up Account”, you will see an open field in the form with a prompt to enter a referral code. Type in the code you have received here and continue to the next step.

Once you submit your request for services, our team sets up your account in our systems and the refferral code will activate a onetime $50 credit to be applied to the bill of your first full billing cycle, typically the bill following your second month of service.

If you prefer to establish services over the phone or in person, please provide your friends code to our agents as they help you set us your account. You will not be able to add the referral code after your account has been established.

How many people can I refer?

You can refer anyone looking for better telecommunication services! You’ll receive a referral credit every time you refer someone who is not a current All West account holder and begins service in an active service area.There is currently no limit to the number of credits you can receive.
If you have received more than one credit at a time, only one credit can be applied to your account per billing cycle. Any additional referral credits will be applied in your subsequent bills.
All West reserves the right to limit credit redemption when deemed necessary.

What happens if I have unused referral credits or close my account before receiving all of my bill credits from referrals?
Unapplied referral credits have no cash value and will be forfeited at the time of account closure. They cannot be redeemed for cash or refunds of any kind, nor transferred between, distributed by, or redeemed on any other accounts. They also will not be applied toward delinquent amounts or fees.
Why doesn't the credit show a discount on the online service confirmation page?
Entering the code may not change the price of your package online and this is normal. Bill credits are a one time discount and the package price will be the normal monthly price you’ll be expected to pay for your service after all other discounts and promotion are added.
Can I cancel services right after using a referral credit?
If you plan to cancel service after using a friend’s referral code for a $50 discount, you will be subject to any account cancellation fees, install fee repayment charges, and all other terms and conditions presented in the service contract you established with All West. Refunds, discounts, and credit toward future services will not be granted.