At All West we pride ourselves on connecting our customers to technology and delivering exceptional service while we do it. Our customer's feedback and product experience will always be the focus of how we make improvements and adjust the products we serve.

We recently surveyed over 500 customers who subscribe to All and asked them why they chose All West over other TV streaming apps. Here is the breakdown of why over 80% of our customers love their All

  1. What factors influenced the decision to purchase All

The customer’s experience with a product is very important to All West. A large part of this is we want our customers to feel good about the products in their homes. There are many factors the customer considers in their decision-making process, and so we dug deep and found out what factors influenced our customers' decisions the most.


When looking at the price of TV, we want our customers to feel like they are getting what they are paying for. We service many rural areas and sometimes we’re the only option available, so we want to bring the best product to the table. One of the ways we can do that is by negotiating better pricing from television networks.

You can learn more about our negotiating process at

Many customers also save money when they switch to All because they don’t have to rent equipment. With All, all you need is a smart device such as:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • Web Browsers
  • Streaming Sticks
  • Streaming STBs


Along with the price, customers want to feel good about the number and variety of channels offered in a TV plan. When we were deciding the channels that were included in each package, we wanted to make sure that every household would get the key local channels that connected them to their community. It was also important to have some a la carte options from larger entertainment networks such as HBO, Showtime, NFL RedZone, Starz, and more.

Easy to use

We want you to feel comfortable with the technology in your home. A big piece of that is making sure it is easy to use, and All does just that. If you can use Netflix, you can use All West tv. From set-up to everyday use, we have made sure that your TV experience is enjoyable.  And, if you ever have questions, our customer service team is just a phone call away to help.

  1. What are your favorite All features?

All is more than just TV. It is an entirely customizable entertainment experience, so you can watch your favorite movies and shows your way. With all your standard cable features, All transforms your TV into so much more.

Ability to watch on many devices

Do you have multiple people in your household that want to watch different shows at the same time? All gives you the option to stream up to 5 different devices at the same time so everyone can watch what they want when they want to.

Live TV and on-demand shows

Watch TV how you want to and when you want to. With Live TV you can watch your favorite shows and movies the same as your traditional TV. In addition to this, All gives you the ability to watch movies and TV online without needing to download them. With hundreds of shows to choose from, the All library lets you browse your favorite titles before selecting what you want to watch. You can pause, stop, and resume your selection at your leisure.


With All, you can create accounts for everyone in your home, which allows All to learns what you like to watch. It then uses this information to makes suggestions for new shows and movies just for you! Also, your favorite movies and shows and your watch-history will be displayed so you can re-watch shows and keep track of what you have seen.


  1. What are customers saying about All


"I was tired of satellite tv and decided to try a streaming service. All West’s customer service has been awesome and I’m happy with my decision to switch. – Kearstun"






all-west-tv-testimonial- 2

"Super easy to use! – David"








"I was looking for the best service available for a fair price. All West was the only viable choice in the mountain community where I reside. All West works hard to keep prices affordable and offers all my favorite channels on All - Paul"




Learn more about All and how we're making the switch from traditional TV easy.


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