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Internet FAQs

  • Where can I do an internet speed test?

    To check your internet speed, please visit


  • How do I set up an All West email?

    You can access your All West email directly from the home page of the All West website. Go to the top right under Customer Tools and select WebMail.


    To set-up IMAP email you will need the following information:

    IMAP Incoming Account Settings:


    Port: 993

    Security Option: SSL

    Username: <your email address> without the domain (

    Password: <your password>

    IMAP Outgoing Account Settings:


    Port: 587

    Security Option: None

    Check “My server requires authentication”

    Username: <your email address> without the domain (

    Password: <your password>

    To set-up POP3 email you will need the following information:

    Mail servers need to be set to

    Incoming: Needs to be POP3 / use: & port 110

    Outgoing: Use: SMTP / / try port 587, if that doesn’t work use 25

    Always make sure that your outgoing server is set to require authentication.   

    If you have any problems please contact us at 866.ALL.WEST or chat live with us.

  • How do I know how much internet speed I need?

    The amount of internet speed that your business will need depends on how many devices will be connected to your network and what those devices will be using the internet for.

    We recommend adding up any device that will be connecting to your internet network and looking at how your employees use their devices. If they are just answering emails and browsing the web, moderate internet speed may be enough. If your employees are video chatting and downloading large files, you may need higher speeds.

    To discuss internet speed requirements, please call our business experts at 877.584.1581.

Internet Troubleshooting

  • My internet speed doesn't seem fast enough

    Run a speed test

    1. Connect an Ethernet cable directly from your modem to your computer (testing with Wi-Fi can significantly impact your results).

    2.Click here​, then click “GO”. (It takes a few seconds for the site to start registering your speed.)

    3. We recommend that you run the text several times, at different times of day for an accurate sampling.

    4. Please let us know if your download speed does not reflect the tier of service to which you subscribed.

    What could adversely affect my test results?

    1. Run the speed test over a wired connection directly to your modem. Performance over a Wi-Fi network is greatly impacted by a number of things not within All West’s control. Try connecting directly to the modem before running your speed test.

    2. Multiple devices on the same connection in your business could affect the reading. Try to run the test at a time when the only running device is the computer you are using to run the test.

    3. Run the speed test at different times of day. If you test during the hours with the highest network traffic, there is no way to guarantee your speed unless you subscribe to a dedicated connection.

    4. What is the age of your computer? Just like all technology, computers and equipment advance at a rapid pace. It is possible that if you use an older computer, it will be unable to fully utilize the speeds delivered over your internet connection.

    5. Make sure all programs are closed on your computer before running the test. If any programs were running when you ran the first test, shut down all programs and run the speed test again to see if it affects your results.

    6. Re-start your device to ensure an accurate reading. Try to run the speed test right after re-starting your computer, or check your Task Manager to shut down any active processes before running the test.

    7. If you have a firewall installed on your computer, it could affect the reading. Close down your firewall temporarily while you run the speed test and turn it back on when you finish.

    8. Virus and malware could also impede your computer from running at full speed. Be sure that you keep your computer protected from these malicious programs by installing virus and malware protection.

    All West provisions our modems and engineers our network to provide our customers the speed to which they subscribe. However, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve those speeds at all times, which is why the service is advertised as “up to” a specific level.

    If you have run the speed test and are not completely satisfied with the results, please let us know so that we can ensure your service is properly provisioned and working correctly. Call us at 1-866-ALL-WEST (255-9378).

  • I can't get on the internet

    Reboot your Modem or Switch

    1. Unplug the power cord from the back of your modem
    2. Count to 15
    3. Plug it back in.
    4. Wait a couple minutes for it to re-establish a connection. Launch a browser and wait to see if the page comes up.
    5. If this doesn’t work perhaps there is a temporary outage.
    6. Or if you have a Wi-Fi router you can try the troubleshooting steps for that item.

    Reboot your Wi-Fi Router

    Make sure to follow the order listed to turn the equipment off and back on in a particular sequence.

    1. Turn off your computer(s).
    2. Unplug the modem’s power cord.
    3. If a router is connected, unplug the routers’ power cord.
    4. Check for loose cables.
    5. Plug in the modem.

    Check for service outage

    Make sure to follow the order listed to turn the equipment off and back on in a particular sequence.

    1. Wait 15-30 minutes and try to get on the internet again.
    2. Visit our website for outage information, here.
    3. Call us at 1-866-ALL-WEST (255-9378)
    4. In some cases service is interrupted for non-payment. If you think this may be the reason for the outage, visit Smart Hub or call us at 1-866-ALL-WEST (255-9378).

    If the troubleshooting tips did not help to re-establish your connection, please call us at 1-866-ALL-WEST (255-9378) to speak to a Customer Support Representative.

Phone, Hosted PBX and CommPortal Troubleshooting