2020 May Events

Due to the COVID-19 guidelines presented by the CDC, all May events have been postponed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with friends and family through art and culture.

So, what can you do to stay connected? Technology can bring friends and family to you—wherever you are:

  • Use Google Photos to upload and share albums—and get the conversation going. It’s like the old-timey slideshows without the slide projector and sheet on the wall.
  • Get online and play a game. It can be as something as simple as Scrabble or faster-paced like Fortnite or Minecraft. Throw on a headset or use your computer speaker to talk with your teammates.
  • Chat face-to-face, remotely. There are almost as many video chat apps as there are people!
    • Check out the popular FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Marco Polo or Skype. And these chats can more than just a conversation. Think about reading a bedtime story or singing a lullaby to your favorite little person faraway.
    • Plan a virtual get-together via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Schedule a team lunch or coffee break. Plan a happy hour or dinner party with friends and don’t forget about birthday celebrations!
  • Exercise together through a virtual group Zumba, Yoga or other fitness class.
  • Social media can keep you up-to-date on what your friends and family are doing. It’s a great way to share videos and photos as well. Facebook even lets you set up private groups and create events—virtual or real. Make sure you follow All West for the latest news, updated and tech information.
  • Check out the popular Meet Up app to find groups based on your talents, skills, hobbies, likes, etc. Many have taken their groups online and found a way to keep the fun going.
  • Take an online class. You can find anything from learning a new language to carpentry and crocheting online. Keep it local by searching your area’s adult ed center or college to see what courses they might have available.
  • Enjoy a movie together. Netflix Party allows for group viewing and provides private chat rooms so you can interact with fellow viewers. You can even customize your party with fun user icons, nicknames, screenshots, emojis and GIFs.
  • Share your Spotify music collection with friends and family. Create a unique list for a special someone or host a dance party.

Need more speed so you can have more fun? Contact our internet experts to upgrade today at 866.255.9378.


Fiber is coming to more communities in Sweewater County, Wyoming!

Did you hear? All West Communications was recently awarded a USDA grant of $4.79M to provide broadband services to residents and businesses in Granger, Farson, and Eden, Wyoming. And while some of the project phases will take three to four years to complete, we are making plans to get the project started in the coming year.

What does this mean for you?

  • More broadband options with plans that include speeds from 100 Mbps to up to a Gig.
  • More entertainment choices with a variety of TV package offerings, premium channels, and added features you won’t find anywhere else.
  • More ways to connect to the people and places that matter to you most.
  • More opportunity to grow your business and compete with the growing online market.
  • More accessibility to work from home or gain new skills through online learning.
  • More comfort through telemedicine and internet-based security systems.
  • More business solutions with hosted VoIP and managed Wi-Fi options.

The best part? You will be getting the best the industry has to offer in the way of broadband. Services will be offered over a buried, all-fiber infrastructure—not susceptible to bad weather, faulty satellite dishes, natural obstructions like mountains or a dense grove of trees, or the occasional traffic accident that takes down a utility pole. You can rest easy knowing that your broadband service is protected.

The details. All West will build close to 100 miles of fiber-optic infrastructure connecting approximately 320 homes, 20 businesses, 18 farms, a Granger school, and a K-12 school campus in Farson. We will keep you updated on the plans so check back and watch our Facebook page for more details.

Your connection begins with our commitment.

Latest News

Internet vs. Wi-Fi

The internet is a public network that allows you to access various webpages such as Google, or any website such as AllWest.com.


How does the internet get on your digital device?

Digital devices and the internet speak different digital signals, so the first piece of equipment you need to connect to the internet is a modem. A modem is the translator between the digital signal of your device and the analog signal the internet uses. It converts digital data signals into radio signals and back from your device to the internet.

When using All West’s internet services our modem is what establishes and maintains a connection with internet service and your device. A connection to our services can be made several different ways depending on the infrastructure available in your area. The most common connections are made through Fiber, Coax (cable) and DSL (phone line). These connections also have different speeds to help transfer the data from the internet to your device.

Once you have established a modem, you will need a router if you are trying to connect to more than one device. The router takes the signal from the modem and distributes it to both wired devices and wireless (Wi-Fi) devices. The router also controls the area in which you can receive a wireless signal.

Not all routers are created equal. Your router signal needs to sync with your modem connection. And your modem and router need to be able to handle the speed you are paying for. For example, if your internet is provided through a Coax cable, your router needs to be compatible with a Coax connection—and if you’ve purchased a 1 Gig plan, your equipment needs to be Gig-capable. All West offers Plume to ensure you have the proper connection. Our routers also ensure your router is protected and allows us to trouble shoot any connection issues.

Having the right modem and router in place gives you a better internet experience.

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