Born from a desire to own a sustainable business, an interest in agriculture and a love of chocolate—Ritual Chocolate came into being in 2010 in Colorado. The founders, Anna Davies and Robbie Stout, then moved their chocolate-making business to Park City, Utah and recently opened a 12,000 sq ft café, office, warehouse and factory space in Heber, Utah. Anna and Robbie source a variety of sustainably and ethically grown cacao beans from around the globe. This allows them to offer distinct single-origin chocolate and create amazing craft chocolates like honeycomb toffee and juniper lavender. Their old-world process mixed with modern techniques creates an incredibly smooth, irresistible chocolate experience.

3-Roll Mill Refiner. This is what gives the chocolate a silky, smooth texture.

3-Roll Mill Refiner--for a silky, smooth texture.

The slow, careful pour.

The slow, careful pour.

Drinking chocolate, bar and treats.

Drinking chocolate, bar and treats.

As Ritual Chocolate expanded, so did their internet needs.

When Anna began looking for an internet provider, she and Robbie weren’t too excited about the large, national internet providers Heber had to offer. Then they discovered All West. Anna talked with Phil Marchant and Bryce Gardner about her business’s needs—from running the POS system, being able to offer her customers internet and extending Wi-Fi to the office and warehouse so shipping could be done easily. She was also looking for a phone system that could be accessed “on the go” as her administrative manager travels frequently.

From the first phone call, Anna felt listened to, and appreciated not being sold something she didn’t need.

“Phil and Bryce were very responsive via phone and email without being pushy. I liked that there were lots of different levels (of internet) to choose from and that with All West I would always have local, personal service,” Anna remarked. All West provided Ritual Chocolate with 100Mbps fiber internet, a Plume® managed Wi-Fi solution and a Hosted VoIP phone system. Anna really values the fact that her internet “just works” as unstable, unreliable internet can leave a business without a POS system or ability to ship out orders—essentially leaving the business without the ability to do business. Anna went on to say, “The installation was really quick and easy. The Wi-Fi has been fantastic. No issues. We are very happy to have found a cost-effective solution for all our internet needs.”

On Ritual Chocolate’s website, Anna states, “We believe chocolate is about experiences. It’s all about sharing small moments and connecting with each other, and we try to keep those rituals going.” All West works hard to provide great experiences for their customers, connecting them to what matters most and ensuring a consistent, reliable broadband experience. And while Anna believes the chocolate-making process has “endless possibilities”—All West believes that fiber internet provides endless possibilities as well—for more speed, bandwidth and stability.

If you are looking for a great internet solution—or want to discuss upgrade options—call Phil or Bryce today at 877.584.1581. They are happy to help!

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