All West Communications is thrilled to announce the launch of new faster speeds over our co-ax network in Rock Springs, Green River and Evanston, WY.

All West Communications has been working on considerable upgrades to the network in these areas to allow for faster Internet speeds. The new base package in these areas is doubled now to 50 Mbps download with a 5 Mbps upload. There are also new plans available at 150 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload or a 300 Mbps download with a 30 Mbps upload, which triples the speed available in the highest tier! As a new residential customer, you can sign up for any of these new packages for only $19.95 per month on an introductory offer. Contact All West for details.

Matthew Weller, President of All West Communications, stated; "We are elated to roll out these new faster speeds to these Wyoming communities. Our goal with future upgrades will be to soon offer Gigabit service in these areas."

As always, All West Communications believes in delivering the best possible service to our customers. Contact us at any time if you have concerns about your service quality or experience with All West. We look forward to being your partner for many years to come.

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