Federal law allows you, the consumer, to choose how All West Communications uses your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). CPNI is data that is not publicly available, including:

- The types of services you subscribe to

- The number of telephone lines you have

- How much you use your services

- Calling and billing records.​

CPNI does not include information published in a directory. Under Federal law, telephone companies have a duty to protect CPNI. All West Communications values our customers. Meeting your communications requirements, while protecting your privacy, is our main concern. To meet the needs of our customers, we may share CPNI information with our subsidiary companies; including All West World Connect, All West Digital Video, and All West Broadband. This information will be for internal use only. We will only disclose your CPNI records for the specific intent to analyze and/or provide products or services that will benefit you as an All West customer. This allows us greater ability to tailor the services we provide to you. All West Communications does not and will not sell or offer any such information to any third party. In addition, as required by law, we will disclose your CPNI to comply with any laws, court orders or subpoenas, or to provide services to you pursuant to your Customer Agreement.

To allow All West to use your CPNI internally, no further action is needed. As a customer, you have the right at any time to restrict the use of CPNI. If you prefer that All West Communications does not use your CPNI to provide information on other products or services. You can opt-out by writing to All West Communications at 50 W 100 North, Kamas, UT, 84036 within 30 days of receiving this notice. Or send an email to support@allwest.com. Your decision to opt-out will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe. The restriction of the use of CPNI records will remain valid until you contact us in writing.

If All West Communications does not receive an opt-out from you prior to the expiration of the 30 days following this notification it will assume you approve of its proposed use of your CPNI.

If you are uncertain as to whether All West has a CPNI password on file for you, please contact the office to get a CPNI passcode form to complete.