Cable Connection may be Loose or Damaged:

  1. Check for loose or damaged Connections to your Cable Box
  2. Loose or damaged wires and cables can ruin your viewing experience. Check for loose connections using the steps below.
  3. Avoid tools for tightening your cables. Finger-tightening is enough to join signal connectors. Pliers and other tools can damage fragile connections.
  4. Finger tighten any screwed-in connections to the back of your cable box.
  5. Tighten other loose cables by firmly pushing the connections completely into the port.
  6. Verify that power is firmly connected both into the TV, Set-Top Box and wall or power strip.
  7. Verify that the cable is not damaged.


If these connections are all in good repair and firmly connected you can re-set your cable connection which may take up to 15 minutes. You cannot record on your DVR during this reset. Any pre-scheduled recordings will fail during this time and you will not be able to watch television while the reset is occurring.

  1. To reset your set-top box, unplug the power from the back of the box. Wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in. The box will re-set once power is restored.


If you are still having problems with your picture or signal, please contact All West in one of the following ways so that we can assist you.

  1. Live Chat with a representative at the link below.
  2. Call us at 1-866-ALL-WEST (255-9378) to talk to a Customer Support Representative or to schedule a visit from a technician.
  3. Come into one of our offices in Kamas or Coalville, Utah, or Evanston or Rock Springs, Wyoming to schedule a visit from a technician.