Save money and time with these small business strategies.

  • Lease Equipment Rather Than Buy It to avoid big upfront costs. You’ll also save money on repairs, maintenance and upgrades, as many lease agreements cover these expenses. And you’ll save time by not having to worry about maintenance—or waste time trying to repair something when you can just call the lessor to take care of it.
  • Ask for a Discount on products and services. This includes everything from getting an interest-free loan to signing a long-term agreement for discounted service rates.
  • Stay on Top of Your Accounting to avoid paying late fees to vendors—you may even get a discount for paying early. And make sure you are billing clients in a timely fashion to keep cash coming in.
  • Reconsider Buying in Bulk to free up cash flow. Bulk buying is never a good deal if you are not going to use the product fully or before it expires. Bulk buying can add to storage costs too, which is never worth it.
  • Use High-Tech Alternatives to Legacy Systems and avoid high replacement and repair costs. Plus, that legacy system may be slowing down your business and limiting your ability to expand—wasting time and money.

All West offers leases on our managed Wi-Fi solution. Plus you can save big on internet costs with our 12-, 36- and 60-month agreements.

And our Hosted VoIP solution is less expensive and more reliable than a standard landline. (Read our blog post “Is Hosted VoIP Right for Your Business?” for more details on this high-tech, low-cost alternative.)

Contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner to determine how All West can help you save.

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