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The Gift of Giving This Holiday Season

For the sixth consecutive year, All West Communications has been able to provide a monetary donation to give much-needed funds for local food banks in their service areas. This year, the following food banks will receive a combined donation of $5,000:

  • Bountiful Food Pantry, Bountiful, UT
  • Christian Center of Park City, Park City, UT
  • Community Action Services, Coalville, UT
  • Community Action Services, Oakley, UT
  • Food Bank of Sweetwater County, Green River, WY
  • Food Bank of Sweetwater County, Rock Springs, WY
  • Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank, Ogden, UT
  • The Lord’s Storehouse, Evanston, WY
  • Tooele Community Resource Center, Tooele, UT
  • Weber Cares Pantry at Weber State University, Ogden, UT

All West believes in making a difference in the communities they serve. Their Community Connections program allows them to support local non-profit groups, community events, and neighbors. Each year, over $50,000 is given back to the community.

Since 2018, All West has been able to give back to the communities by providing funds to local food banks. They are happy to contribute to these food banks, as they are a vital part of the community. While resources are needed all year long, the start of the holiday season in November creates a greater need for donations. The donations will help each food bank be able to provide food and supplies in the spirit of the season of giving!

Kay Rossiter, director of The Lord’s Storehouse in Evanston, WY, expressed appreciation for All West’s continued support. “We are feeding 250 families a week right now and every dollar is being put to use,” stated Rossiter. In addition to helping families, pantry donations also help support the operation so it can stay open to the community.

This year, All West included the communities of Farmington, Tooele and Ogden, UT in their food bank donations. They are actively building their fiber network in each of the cities and wanted to show their gratitude to the residents. The Bountiful Food Pantry, serving residents of Farmington, believes in their mission to relieve hunger and increase self-sufficiency of Davis County residents living in need. The Tooele Community Resource Center provides food assistance, along with housing assistances and a thrift store in Tooele. “Your donation is so needed and appreciated,” expressed Food Bank and Resource Center Director, Christie Johnson.

The Weber Cares Pantry with the Center for Community Engaged Learning at Weber State University is very grateful for this generous donation from All West Communications. Financial donations such as this will be used to continue to stock the critical food and resource needs for students as we head into the holiday season. “Last year, we distributed over 21,000 pounds of food to over 2,000 visitors,” stated Teresa Martinez, Student Engagement Coordinator. The pantry heavily relies on private donations and donations from food banks. Waiting for these donations, however, leads to bare shelves due to the high demand of food from the students. Having the financial ability to go directly to the stores to buy food allows them to stock the pantry right away to meet needs while waiting for other donations to come in. “We are on track to exceed the number of visitors this year, which only increases our need for more donations to meet demand. We look forward to utilizing these generous funds in useful ways to continue to meet the food needs of our students,” said Martinez.

All West encourages their customers to find ways to give back to their communities this year. Here are a few ways to give back:


Donate your time by volunteering with local organizations. Local non-profits, schools, shelters, senior centers and food banks are always looking for people willing to help their cause. Websites like Great NonProfits, Feeding America, JustServe and even local Facebook groups are great ways to find volunteer opportunities.


A random act of kindness can go a long way! You never know who around you needs help, or even a pick-me-up after a rough day at work. Consider shoveling your neighbor’s driveaway after a nighttime snowstorm or baking cookies for your coworker’s family. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation provides free resources to help you make kindness the norm. 


Physical and monetary donations are an effective way to help your community. Find out if your local food bank is accepting donations and what items they need the most. It’s as easy as adding a few extra cans of food to your shopping cart next time you get groceries. Thrift stores also take donations of new and gently used items. Don’t have any items to donate? A $10 donation is just as helpful to local organizations. Your gift will always make a difference!

Giving back helps aid, support and make a difference in community members’ lives. All West believes in supporting the communities they serve and help give back year-round through their Community Connections program.

We wish you a very Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year!

Community Connections

All West Communications Sustainability Practices Help Local Communities Thrive

New reusable and renewable resources is one small step towards building a better community

KAMAS, UTAH | April 19, 2021 - All West shows how sustainability and green practices can help communities thrive with their e-billing, recycling and Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky programs. These initiatives are estimated to divert enough renewable energy and resources to reduce All West’s carbon footprint by over 1.8 million pounds of CO2 collectively in Utah and Wyoming.

These efforts to help keep the local communities, where their employees live and work, thrive is just one step forward for All West and its ongoing commitment to make every connection count. Along with All West’s redundant broadband network and unparalleled customer service, they are committed to supporting their neighbors through community giving and sustainability practices.

All West customers can also contribute to making difference by participating in All West’s E-billing and Autopay program, which reduces paper waste through electronic billing.  When customers sign up through All West’s service portal, SmartHub, they are given a one-time $5 bill credit as a thank you for their efforts. Currently, over 42% of customers have chosen to go green.

All West will be doing their part by recycling any old or outdated equipment as well as paper items and offsetting their power use with renewable resources. “We are proud to support our local communities and create a more sustainable future for all,” President Matt Weller stated. “This is a milestone in our ongoing journey to connect people to what matters most and being proactive towards making a difference.”

This transition will contribute to All West’s commitment to continuously work for the communities it serves and deliver solutions that make a positive impact.

All West Communications is proud to bring broadband, TV streaming and phone services to northeast Utah and southwest Wyoming. To learn more about All West, please visit www.allwest.com.

Community Connections

Park City Christian Center's “Operation Hope” program gets some help from All West

All West Communications is happy to support the Christian Center of Park City’s “Operation Hope” program. One element of this annual program is a toy and clothing drive. Donations from the drive create a store where families-in-need can shop for holiday gifts for free. These gift cards will be used for older kids who have outgrown toys; typically a difficult age group to shop for.

All West had hoped to host a toy drive, but they did not feel it would be successful given the few people coming into their offices due to COVID-19. In lieu of the toy drive, All West donated ten $20 TJMaxx gift cards that will be distributed to teens so they can shop for the things they want.

Supporting our local communities is an important part of the All West culture—and a way to say “Thank you” to those who support us.

Learn more about Operation Hope.


$10 million in new federal funding will help get broadband to some rural Utah communities

By Art Raymond and Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — New, multimillion-dollar grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Friday will help make some inroads, albeit small ones, for the 100,000-plus Utahns who have no access to high-speed internet service.

The gap between those who do, and do not, have robust internet connectivity, also known as the digital divide, has been underscored by restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, with residents in Utah and across the country challenged by remote work and remote education tasks that rely heavily on solid, and fast, internet connections.

Bette Brand, USDA deputy undersecretary for rural development, said $10.6 million in funding had been allocated to provide new broadband service access to rural communities in Utah, Nevada and Idaho. The money comes from $550 million in new funding announced last December for the USDA’s ReConnect program, an effort aimed at accelerating deployment of broadband services in underserved areas of the U.S.

“Access to a high-speed internet connection is a cornerstone of prosperity, and unfortunately many of America’s rural communities lack access to this critical infrastructure,” Brand said in a statement. “Connecting America’s rural communities to this essential infrastructure is one of USDA’s top priorities, because we know that when rural America thrives, all of America thrives.”

During an online press conference Friday morning, Brand noted that tens of millions of Americans currently have no access to broadband internet and the negative consequences for those with access challenges were only being made worse by the COVID-19 public health crisis.

“This pandemic has only highlighted the digital divide even more,” Brand said.

Service map

About $2.3 million of the funding will support fiber optic internet connectivity to four residences, four farms and four businesses in Washington County. And $5.6 million will get fiber to 188 residences, nine businesses and five farms located variously in Summit County, Utah; Bear Lake County, Idaho; and Sweetwater and Lincoln Counties in Nevada.

USDA Rural Development Director for Utah Randy Parker said the service grants will help elevate quality of life for the state’s rural residents.

“Utah is a forward-thinking state, and these long-term investments in broadband and cutting-edge technology make all the difference to its rural communities,” Parker said in a statement. “USDA is proud to be a partner in ensuring they are attractive destinations for prosperous living and working as well as visiting.”

As a state, Utah comes in around average overall based on internet access and performance metrics.

Broadband Now, an industry advocacy group, ranked Utah No. 29 in the U.S. with a 76.1 megabits per second average statewide internet speed and broadband access of 100 Mbps for more for 94% of the population.

Utah gets high marks for overall access to broadband, but still has gaps for big chunks of the population.

“In terms of availability, Utah’s broadband performance excels,” Broadband Now reported. The group noted “96.1% of Utahns have access to a 25 (megabits per second) wired internet connection. This is a massive percentage; however, 108,000 people still don’t have access to a wired connection capable of the same speed. Additionally, 45,000 people in Utah don’t have access to any wired internet providers at all.”

Internet affordability also contributed to Utah’s average internet ranking.

“Only 26.3% of Utah’s population has access to a standalone wired broadband internet plan under $60 per month,” the report read. “Even though there are 21 states with a lower ranking for overall performance, 12 of those states have a higher percentage of the population with access to affordable wired 25 (megabit per second) plans.”

Utah cities with the “best overall broadband ecosystem” are, in descending order, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Centerville and Lindon. The worst places to find connections to broadband service are found in rural Utah communities, with San Juan and Daggett counties where access to internet speeds higher than 25 (megabits per second) is very limited.

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced it had formally granted 154 applications for use of the 2.5 GHz band to provide broadband and other advanced wireless services, including 5G, to rural tribal communities.

In Utah, there were four licenses granted that will help the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, and Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation provide connectivity to their rural communities.

Tribal lands in Utah, and around the country, have been among the areas with the lowest levels of service from, and access to, internet and wireless phone providers.

In announcing the new bandwidth allotments, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai noted the new licenses are intended to help address those imbalances.

“This is a major step forward in our efforts to close the digital divide on tribal lands,” Pai said in a statement. “Few communities face the digital connectivity challenges faced by rural tribes. By prioritizing tribal access to this mid-band spectrum, we are ensuring that tribes can quickly access spectrum to connect their schools, homes, hospitals and businesses.”

Community Connections

$2.5M CARES Act Funding Allows All West Communications to Bring Fiber to Cokeville

All West Communications has been awarded a $2.5M grant through ConnectWyoming funding provided under the federal CARES Act by Governor Mark Gordon and the Wyoming Business Council. ConnectWyoming is focused on unserved and underserved populations where available internet services are less than 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. This funding will allow All West Communications to expand its broadband offerings in Cokeville and Smiths Fork, Wyoming—touching 280 homes and 80 businesses—and strengthen its commitment to connecting people to needed information and communications. All West Communications will be contributing $360,000 of its own capital.

The current copper (DSL) network in Cokeville, Wyoming, and the surrounding area will be upgraded to an all-fiber network increasing speeds from 15 Mbps to up to 1 Gig. All West’s minimum speed is 100 Mbps, which is almost seven times faster than what DSL can bring—and fiber provides a much more stable and reliable connection. It allows for data to stream more consistently, so there is less buffering and latency.

Making this upgrade will allow for greater economic growth as businesses can compete globally, gain access to needed inventory not found locally, and strengthen vendor relations with faster communications. Fiber opens the possibility of online learning, telecommuting, and telehealth. It also brings more entertainment and communication options—from streaming TV services, gaming, video chats, and more.

The grant guidelines require construction to be completed this calendar year, so community participation and support is extremely critical. Fiber can add up to 3% to home values and is the best broadband technology now and for the future. Construction crews have begun the initial process of installing 52,000 feet of mainline that will then be connected to the more than 350 homes and businesses. The fiber project will span 10 miles.

“We’re excited to bring fiber to this corner of Wyoming,” Matt Weller, All West Communications President, stated. “Faster, more reliable internet has been an ask for some time now. We appreciate the town, county, and state support to bring fiber to the residents of Cokeville and the surrounding area.”

This upgrade will be done at no cost to the customer, provided the customer allows All West to connect them to fiber this year. After this year, when the funds have expired and the construction is complete, customers wanting fiber will be responsible for the construction and installation costs.

All West Communications is honored to be recipients of the CARES Act funding and will continue its commitment to bring Wyoming communities the broadband they deserve.

See the list of streets we will be expanding on.

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Community Connections

Local Food Banks Receive Over $7,000 from All West Communications and CoBank

Matching funds help make a big difference

For the second year in a row, All West Communications has partnered with CoBank to double much-needed funds for local food banks. This year, the following food banks will receive a combined donation of more than $7,000:

- Community Action Services, Kamas, Utah
- Community Action Services, Coalville, Utah
- Christian Center of Park City, Park City, Utah
- Lord’s Storehouse, Evanston, Wyoming
- Food Bank of Sweetwater County, Rock Springs, Wyoming
- Food Bank of Sweetwater County, Green River, Wyoming

As part of All West’s Community Connections initiative, they have chosen for the last several years to provide funds to local food banks as a way to directly give back to the communities they serve. All West hopes the matched donations this year will go a long way in stocking shelves—and provide food to those at-risk, especially children who may typically receive meals at a school but no longer have this option due to COVID-19.

CoBank’s Sharing Success program doubles the contributions of its customers to the charitable organizations and causes they care about most. Since the program was established in 2012, CoBank and its customers have contributed more than $44 million to groups such as volunteer fire departments, local schools, and hunger relief programs.

All West typically holds a food drive in November and provides non-perishable items and a monetary donation to the food banks in time for the holiday season. However, given the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on many families' ability to put food on the table, All West decided to provide food banks with funds early. “Although we have not been able to conduct a food drive, we saw no reason to delay the monetary donation—and our CoBank partner was very quick to respond to the call for matching funds,” said Matt Weller, All West President. “Food banks throughout our area are calling for support. We are proud to lend a hand during this unprecedented time.”

Pete Stoughton, Director of Programs at the Christian Center of Park City, had this to say about All West’s support, “We are SO grateful for this gift! This will allow us to purchase a week’s worth of fresh produce to supplement the dry goods, dairy, and bakery items in our pantry. We value the ability to offer fresh produce to our pantry guests in addition to staple items.”

There is no question that supporting food banks is vital to a community’s health and well-being. Giving even a small monetary donation to your local food bank can go a long way in helping those in need. For example, the Food Bank of Sweetwater County’s website states that every dollar given is equivalent to four meals. And while non-perishable items are still being accepted, donating money has a greater impact thanks to the Food Bank of Sweetwater County’s purchasing power and partnership with the Food Bank of the Rockies. And the Lord’s Storehouse in Evanston provided more than 52,000 meals in 2019 and no doubt the need will be even greater this year.

All West is hopeful they will be able to conduct a food drive later this year, but that will depend on the coronavirus spread.

Community Connections

All West awards over $10,000 to graduating seniors

Graduating Seniors Receive All West Communications Scholarship
More than $10,000 is given to help offsets college expenses

All West Communications is proud to support high school students in their Utah and Wyoming service areas who are going on to post-secondary education. All West believes post-secondary education can lead to greater opportunities and prosperity, not only for the individual but also for the community. This is the 25th consecutive year All West has offered a scholarship. It has seen what these scholarships mean to the students and how the scholarships help students achieve their educational goals. Providing scholarships is a meaningful way to support the community beyond telecommunication services.

All West's scholarship application asks four questions—about a student's community service, how internet access helps communities prosper, how the student chose their college, and how receiving the scholarship will help achieve long-term goals. A letter of reference was also required. All West had more than 55 well-crafted applications—making for some fierce competition. However, the following students rose to the top and will each receive a $1500 scholarship:



One student wrote in an email, "I just found out that I am an All West scholarship recipient, which I'm very appreciative and excited about. Thank you for the help and the opportunity!" And another student wrote, "Thank you for the generous offer I have been given through this scholarship to help pay for my college education. It will benefit me so much! This opportunity makes a great difference in how my education will be paid for. Big thanks!"

And as a member of WTA – Advocates for Rural Broadband, All West employees' seniors are eligible to apply for the WTA scholarship. This year, the WTA Foundation awarded scholarships to 14 recipients totaling $20,000. These scholarship awards recognize the students' academic achievements and the integrity and commitment each recipient has consistently exhibited throughout their studies. All West is proud to recognize, Mallory Hoffman, from Cokeville High School, as a recipient of a $1,000 scholarship. Mallory is the daughter of All West's Plant Facilities Technician, Kelly Hoffman. Mallory will be majoring in Elementary Education at BYU-Idaho this fall.

"We congratulate each student for being awarded this scholarship and commend them for taking the extra step to apply during an incredibly difficult school year. We wish these students all the best as they continue their education," said Matt Weller, All West Communications President.


Two Sweetwater County Graduates Receive Scholarships from All West Communications

Banks and Gibson receive All West Communications scholarships

Community Connections

Communities Receive Broadband Services in Time of Crisis

All West Communications promises to keep communities connected

Disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have begun to make a significant impact on how we work and live. Community members are being asked to follow “social distancing” recommendations and some have been quarantined to their home—due to exposure or official “shelter-at-home” orders. People have been suspended from jobs as non-essential businesses are forced to close and other businesses are cutting back staff. Schools are closed and students are being homeschooled through online learning.

All West Communications broadband and telephone services have been deemed “essential” so we will continue operations to keep people connected. We understand access to technology, information and communication is invaluable at this time and we are committed to supporting the communities we serve. For the next 60 days, All West Communications pledges:

(1) not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic;

(2) waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, customers do not have to worry about how much data they use as we have never imposed data caps.

We are also working with local schools to provide broadband services to students (K-12) who do not currently have services. To those who qualify, the broadband service will be free until May 31st. All West will also waive the install fee of $50.00. To date, we have connected more than 100 students in Utah and Wyoming.

For the safety and well-being of our customers and staff we have implemented the following: 

For Our Staff:

  • Staff have been directed to follow the CDC’s suggested hygiene practices, including washing hands for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning work areas more often.
  • Any staff member who is sick or has any sick family members have been directed to stay home. (Employees who come into work appearing ill will be sent home. All employees in our Kamas and Coalville, Utah offices are working from home due to a county “shelter-at-home” order.)
  • We have suspended all staff business travel until May 1st—at the earliest.
  • All offices have been closed to walk-ins. However, we are still fully operational and are prepared for a high volume of calls.
  • All technicians and construction crew follow recommended hygiene practices after each customer interaction.
  • Technicians have the right to not enter a customer’s home if the customer is displaying symptoms of illness. We ask that customers reschedule appointments once they are well. (No additional fees will occur with any last-minute cancellations.)

For Our Customers:

Although we have closed our doors to customer visits, customers can still reach All West through:

You can also pay your through the online SmartHub system or by calling 866.255.9378 to be transferred to the secure Bill Pay line. Bill payments are also still accepted at office drop boxes.

Matt Weller, All West President, stated, “All West Communications is committed to keeping our communities connected and ensuring students can continue their schooling. We also want to provide the opportunity for online purchasing and telemedicine—both of which are critically important now. We are happy to connect students who need our services and lessen customer worries of losing broadband or telephone during the pandemic.”

Thank you to all our media partners for helping us spread this message:


WYO 4 News


Wasatch County School District

Uinta County Herold

Latest News

South Lincoln Medical Center Gets a Boost in Connectivity

All West Communications delivers 1 Gig and best-in-class phone solution

KAMAS, UTAH | February 27, 2020 – All West Communications is pleased to support South Lincoln Medical Center, Kemmerer, Wyoming with a Hosted VoIP and data solution that allows for greater operational flexibility, stability and efficiency.

South Lincoln Medical Center’s traditional premise-based phone system was outdated and due for a change. The phone system couldn’t provide them with the functionality they needed, nor could the malfunctioning phones be repaired or replaced. The Hosted VoiP solution through All West delivers leading-edge technology and can be tailored to the medical center’s growing needs. This solution also provides a cost savings, as there is no on-site equipment needed, save the more than 100 phones, and includes enhanced features such as hunt groups, 4-digit dialing, auto attendant and others. The 4-digit dialing feature was especially attractive to the medical center as they operate clinics in Evanston and Rock Springs, Wyoming as well. Low capital expenses, a generous pool of long distance and predictable billing all help to enhance the bottom line and operational efficiencies. The value-added web portal (CommPortal) allows for a better customer experience through a customized call flow and auto attendant.

The Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) data solution provides monthly cost savings, a speed increase up to 1 Gig symmetrical and most importantly, a back-up to their current fiber service to create redundancy. This redundancy will allow operations—such as their phone system, computer systems, patient monitoring devices, security cameras and doors—to continue functioning should an internet connection drop or be interrupted.

All West not only delivered the products and services, but personalized training and support as well. South Lincoln Medical Center received assistance porting phone numbers from their premise-based system to the Hosted VoiP system and were assigned additional blocks of phone numbers to use as they grow. All West installed and tested the phones over several weeks to ensure the system was set up to the medical center’s needs. This personalized service continues today.

“From the consultation to the set-up, staff training and system adjustments, it was a team effort.”, Matt Weller, All West Communications President stated. “The porting process was time consuming, but the All West team was tenacious with South Lincoln Medical Center’s past providers to get the advertised numbers ported over to the new system. And the medical center’s administration was very helpful and accommodating prior to and during the install. I’m thankful for everyone’s efforts to see this project successfully executed.”

The hospital district’s CEO, Karl Sundberg, had this to say, “This new connectivity and phone system technology is just one way that South Lincoln Hospital District is transforming and modernizing to meet the needs of our community and region with healthcare services. All transitions of technology have growing pains, and with the tenacious support of our All West partner, coupled with an excellent IT and leadership team, we successfully transitioned the entire complex system within 60 days, and are now working to optimize the system and add functionality that was previously unavailable to us. Technology infrastructure is the backbone of the future of healthcare, and this new infrastructure allows us to expand telemedicine, integrate a tele-critical care system, develop new cloud based technology for clinical systems and drive better customer service and accessibility through our telephone system. Thank you, All West team!”
All West Communications is delighted to deliver these services to South Lincoln Medical Center and looks forward to a long partnership.

About All West Communications
Since 1912, All West Communications has provided leading-edge telecommunication services. Based in Kamas, Utah they operate a broadband-powered network to deliver services that connect people and businesses to what matters most—across town and around the world. Their wired infrastructure and ongoing fiber investments that span from northeastern Utah to southwestern Wyoming provide customers with unparalleled broadband speeds, entertainment options, connectivity and service. To learn more, visit www.allwest.com.

About South Lincoln Medical Center
South Lincoln Medical Center, located in Kemmerer, Wyoming has been designated a Critical Access Hospital, as defined by the Office of Rural Health Policy, part of the Health Resources & Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. South Lincoln Medical Center’s mission is to deliver extraordinary compassion, innovative healthcare, and customer service to our community, our patients, and each other, close to home. For more information, visit www.southlincolnmedical.com.


All West Updates Community on Services

The Green River Chamber of Commerce hosted their monthly Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, in which All West Communications gave an update on their services. Recently, All West did a survey which highlighted some of the community’s questions regarding the company.

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