All West Communications has been awarded a $2.5M grant through ConnectWyoming funding provided under the federal CARES Act by Governor Mark Gordon and the Wyoming Business Council. ConnectWyoming is focused on unserved and underserved populations where available internet services are less than 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. This funding will allow All West Communications to expand its broadband offerings in Cokeville and Smiths Fork, Wyoming—touching 280 homes and 80 businesses—and strengthen its commitment to connecting people to needed information and communications. All West Communications will be contributing $360,000 of its own capital.

The current copper (DSL) network in Cokeville, Wyoming, and the surrounding area will be upgraded to an all-fiber network increasing speeds from 15 Mbps to up to 1 Gig. All West’s minimum speed is 100 Mbps, which is almost seven times faster than what DSL can bring—and fiber provides a much more stable and reliable connection. It allows for data to stream more consistently, so there is less buffering and latency.

Making this upgrade will allow for greater economic growth as businesses can compete globally, gain access to needed inventory not found locally, and strengthen vendor relations with faster communications. Fiber opens the possibility of online learning, telecommuting, and telehealth. It also brings more entertainment and communication options—from streaming TV services, gaming, video chats, and more.

The grant guidelines require construction to be completed this calendar year, so community participation and support is extremely critical. Fiber can add up to 3% to home values and is the best broadband technology now and for the future. Construction crews have begun the initial process of installing 52,000 feet of mainline that will then be connected to the more than 350 homes and businesses. The fiber project will span 10 miles.

“We’re excited to bring fiber to this corner of Wyoming,” Matt Weller, All West Communications President, stated. “Faster, more reliable internet has been an ask for some time now. We appreciate the town, county, and state support to bring fiber to the residents of Cokeville and the surrounding area.”

This upgrade will be done at no cost to the customer, provided the customer allows All West to connect them to fiber this year. After this year, when the funds have expired and the construction is complete, customers wanting fiber will be responsible for the construction and installation costs.

All West Communications is honored to be recipients of the CARES Act funding and will continue its commitment to bring Wyoming communities the broadband they deserve.

See the list of streets we will be expanding on.

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