Today's blog post will help you by keeping your computer healthy and running the way it's supposed to without any surprises along the way.

1. Keep your anti-virus active and updated - Every computer needs a good anti-virus to protect itself from malware. Installing an anti-virus software isn't enough, you also have to keep it updated so you're protected from the latest threats.

2. Update your system and software regularly - Updating when necessary will help the performance of your computer. If you receive a notification that an update is available, make sure to run the update sooner rather than later.

3. Have strong passwords - It's better to have symbols (like @ or #) and/or capitalized letters in your passwords to prevent anyone from getting access to your personal information.

4. Clean your computer from unwanted software - Excess software can make your computer run slowly. Every couple of months, make sure to look at your list of installed programs and remove any that you either don't use or simply doesn't belong. This will help save space on your hard drive and you'll have a better running computer because of

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