Did you know that you can use your USB drive for more than just saving files? It can also help optimize your computer speed or even help clean out the memory in your cellphone.

1.Use your USB drive to protect your important documents by creating a password using software called BitLocker. The encryption and makes it very hard to gain access to your files without your consent.

2. It also can be used as a "key" to open your computer. Use software like "Predador" encode your device, so when you unplug the USB from your computer your device will be locked right way. To access your device, you just need to plug in your USB drive again!

3. To expand your computer's memory, you'll just need a USB drive that is at least 2GB or higher with a program called eBoostr. Your computer will recognize the USB memory as an extension of its own, making the computer run programs with more efficiency.

4. You can find USB drives that are made for cellphones or you can find USB adapters to fit the device, like a "USB to micro-USB" adapter.

Just a quick reminder, before you download any software make sure that the website is a trusted and secure site.​

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