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All West Communications delivers best-in-class phone solutions for staff

All West Communications is pleased to support Uinta County School District #1, Evanston, Wyoming, with a new Hosted VoIP solution system that allows for greater stability, clear communication, and productivity.

Uinta County School District #1 has been using All West’s fiber-optic internet for over 15 years, and when their outdated analog phone system with their old carrier wasn’t meeting their needs, they called All West to move into the 21st century. When looking for a new phone system Chief Technology Officer and Facilities Director Jaraun Dennis said, “We needed a provider who was local so we could have in-person support. It was also essential to have a hosted cloud-based solution that met our needs of connecting over 400 phones.”

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Jaraun had worked with All West over the years, and so he called Corporate Sales Executive Phil Marchant. “It was a natural fit,” said Jaraun. “I knew Phil was an expert and could tell me if All West could meet the size and scope of what we needed.” Phil worked closely with Jaraun to clarify their needs and get their new Hosted VoIP solution up and running smoothly.

“The install was a true team effort,” said Phil. Due to a supply shortage and delayed manufacturing timelines, they had to move the original install date from August to October, which ended up giving network engineers enough time to map out the solution ensuring a smoother transition. When all the supplies were in stock, all hands were on deck to get this Hosted VoIP solution installed while teachers and students were on break. “The delay ended up working in our favor, ” said Phil. “The extra planning made moving approximately 40 plus ported phone lines a breeze. And, having the install over a planned break removed all concerns of having an interruption during class time.” All West not only delivered the products and services but personalized training and support as well.

children in classroom

Since installing the new phone system, Uinta County School District #1 is already experiencing the benefits. Their past phone system required many additional steps to call outside of the district. “If our staff wanted to make a long-distance call, they had to call a switchboard first to call out, which was very frustrating with having so many cell phones from other states,” said Jaraun. He went on to say, “Everyone is excited about the change because we don’t have that problem anymore, and the clarity is crystal clear.” These little solutions have already made a significant impact for the district and how their staff uses the new phone system.

All West Communications is delighted to deliver these services to Uinta County School District and looks forward to a long partnership.

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