We believe in thoroughly trying out new products before we offer them to our customers. During the decision process, we consider everything from our customers' experience to the reliability and longevity of the technology. After months of putting Plume through the rigger, these are our staff's top 5 features.

                                                                                  Internet Freeze



One of the most common questions we get is how to create separate passwords for families with kids so they can control their access to their internet. With Plume's Internet Freeze, you don't have to reset passwords every day or remember what the new password is. When using the Plume app, all you have to do is select the device you want to control and set a time when that specific device has access to the internet.

Whole-Home Security


Keeping your home safe and protecting your internet connecting devices is our top priority, which is why All West trusts Plume. The SuperPod and app system acts as a gateway to your home. AI Security protects all of your digital devices with machine learning to adapt to new threats and Plume Motion allows you to monitor the physical elements of your home, so you always know you and your family are safe.


plume-homepassDo you ever have guests or people who visit your home and ask what your wi-fi password is? Plume has HomePass just for your visitors. It allows them to connect to your network using a separate password than your main network. Why is this important? Having a separate network access protects your main network from outside threats that your visitors' devices may be carrying. It also prevents the potential of a virus to spread to your other devices.

SuperPods are clean and simple


Let's face it; routers are not the most attractive pieces of technology with antennas and wires everywhere. Plume sets itself apart from other routers with SuperPod. Plume SuperPods are about the size of an air freshener. Their sleek design blends in with your home décor, and there are no messy wires or antennas to fiddle with.

                                                                                   Easy to install

Plume-easy-set-upTechnology can be intimidating and sometimes stressful to adapt to. That's why All West loves the Plume managed wi-fi system. It's easy to use, and you don't need a tech to come out to your home to get it installed. We'll provide you with instructions for worry-free installation.

Are you ready to bring uninterrupted connectivity to your home? Order Plume today.

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