Kamas, Utah | November 28, 2023 – All West Communications is thrilled to announce plans to expand its multi-gig fiber optic broadband, streaming TV service and digital phone solutions to the residents and businesses of Herriman, Utah. Herriman now joins an ever-growing list of communities in the Wasatch Front region that will benefit from widespread fiber optic connectivity throughout the entire city.  

All West Communications has been welcomed by Herriman's city leaders to provide Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) access. “Our organization is committed to maximizing the potential of our fiber optic technology, aiming to not just elevate the everyday experiences of individuals but also make substantial contributions to the economic progress of the community," stated Matt Weller, President of All West Communications. 

All West Communication’s fiber internet enables symmetrical speeds that are essential for today’s applications. These include video conferencing, telemedicine, cloud computing, and multiplayer gaming. All West fiber is built for the future, using the best technology available–with speed tiers of up to 8 Gbps for residential and 10 Gbps for businesses.  

All West also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an FCC program that reduces the monthly cost of internet service for qualified households. To learn more about ACP, please visit affordableconnectivity.gov

All West will fully fund the $9M project, and the engineering work has already begun. Construction started in November 2023. 

To learn more, call 866.255.9378 or visit allwestinternet.com/herriman.  

About All West Communications  

Since 1912, All West Communications has provided leading-edge telecommunication services. Based in Kamas, Utah, they operate a broadband-powered network to deliver services that connect people and businesses to what matters most—across town and around the world. Their wired infrastructure and ongoing fiber investments that span from northeastern Utah to southwestern Wyoming provide customers with unparalleled broadband speeds, entertainment options, connectivity, and service.

To learn more, visit allwest.com.  

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