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SkyRidge Speeds Up Sales with Fiber from All West

When Skyridge Development LLC co-founders, Steve Fellows and Tom Thomas, first discovered Park City, they imagined creating the ideal four-season community where homeowners wouldn’t have to travel far to experience the best outdoor recreation that the mountains have to offer. When the master planning of the Jordanelle Reservoir was underway, they saw it as the perfect opportunity to make their dream a reality.

The remarkable SkyRidge community is located on the northwest shore of Jordanelle Reservoir and consists of 483 premier home sites designated for single-family homes on 670 acres with over 50% preserved as open space. The development also includes easy access to skiing at the Mayflower Ski Resort, a golf academy, an equestrian center, and miles of hiking and biking trails.


Speedy construction spurred the need for speedy services

When development was ahead of schedule, SkyRidge Cabin, which serves as the development sales office, needed services fast! Onsite Construction Manager, Chad Sauer, reached out to All West because of their outstanding products and capability to provide more bandwidth to the community. “Phil really listened to my needs when I called with questions,” Chad said. “He was extremely responsive and got us up and running quickly. Even our install happened ahead of schedule”.

All West provided SkyRidge Cabin with 100 Mbps fiber fed broadband connection, a Plume managed wi-fi system, phone, and All West.tv Basic Choice. All West has also expanded its footprint throughout the development so residents can take advantage of all that All West has to offer. Chad has been very pleased with their services. “Thanks to All West, we now have a space where our sales team, owners and their guests can gather,” he stated. All West prides itself in providing fast and reliable service to the community and looks forward to helping SkyRidge Development for years to come.

For more information about All West or to upgrade your service, our Sales team is standing by to help, 877.584.1581.

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What's the Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Bandwidth?

Shared bandwidth

Typically internet plans with “speeds up to” are shared bandwidth plans as you are sharing the same uplink to your ISP that others are. During peak hours you may experience latency as bandwidth is being distributed to many at once. Non-peak hours will give you the best bandwidth as less traffic means faster speed.

Dedicated bandwidth

This provides bandwidth reserved for use by your business only. Your internet speeds won’t fluctuate or be affected by others. You will consistently get the speeds you have chosen.

To determine which type of bandwidth is best for your business, consider these questions:

  • Would you consider your business’s internet use light or heavy? Shared bandwidth may work for the light users (few internet-connected devices, email use, the occasional video call, and few large files to download or transfer one location), but dedicated bandwidth is best for heavy users (many internet-connected devices, routinely uses video or uploads large files, supports several cloud-based systems and locations).
  • Do you offer Wi-Fi to customers or visitors? If so, a combination of shared and dedicated might be best. The dedicated bandwidth can be reserved for employees and customers can use a shared bandwidth plan.
  • What level of network security do you need? Both shared and dedicated bandwidth provide a level of network security, but with dedicated bandwidth’s private connection, it provides greater security.
  • Is productivity a concern? Not enough bandwidth can cause frustration for both employees and customers. It can lower productivity and lead to lost revenue. Having a dedicated connection provides greater stability and reliability.
  • Are you using a Hosted VoIP solution? Shared networks have steady voice and video traffic that can latency and jitters. A dedicated connection will ensure voice and video are crystal clear.

Whatever you decide, All West can provide the service you need. Contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner today at 877.584.1714 to talk about your internet needs. They’re happy to help!

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Chambers of Commerce Can Help Grow Your Business

Make sure your business is making the most of its Chamber of Commerce membership 

Being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce can have big benefits to your business. Membership fees are relatively low, and the networking, advertising and learning opportunities are invaluable! Here are just a few of the benefits that membership can bring:

  • Increase positive perception and credibility – Being a member shows you're invested in the community and want to be part of its continued success.
  • Expand your brand and advertising efforts – As a member you will be listed in chamber publications and included on the chamber website and often on social media posts. You may even be able to post an ad in a chamber newsletter. Chambers often offer monthly business spotlights and promote ribbon-cutting ceremonies—where YOU could be highlighted.
  • Grow your network and sales leads – Attending chamber events or serving on chamber committees are a great way to grow your network and hear from other business owners how they’ve been successful. You might find a business to partner with or hire on to help with your marketing, PR or telecommunications needs. Or you could meet a few potential customers and grow your database of sales leads.
  • Have a voice in local government – Chambers of Commerce often take on issues facing small businesses—like new regulations, taxes, fees or assessments. You can speak up for the interests of local businesses.
  • Develop new skills – Chambers are a great resource for courses, workshops and articles that can help you and your business grow. Chamber luncheons often center around learning something new—whether that be how to win at social media or the latest tax laws for incorporated businesses.

Check out one of these great chamber websites for specific details about what their membership can provide:

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Life Gets Sweeter at Ritual Chocolate with All West Services

Born from a desire to own a sustainable business, an interest in agriculture and a love of chocolate—Ritual Chocolate came into being in 2010 in Colorado. The founders, Anna Davies and Robbie Stout, then moved their chocolate-making business to Park City, Utah and recently opened a 12,000 sq ft café, office, warehouse and factory space in Heber, Utah. Anna and Robbie source a variety of sustainably and ethically grown cacao beans from around the globe. This allows them to offer distinct single-origin chocolate and create amazing craft chocolates like honeycomb toffee and juniper lavender. Their old-world process mixed with modern techniques creates an incredibly smooth, irresistible chocolate experience.

3-Roll Mill Refiner. This is what gives the chocolate a silky, smooth texture.

3-Roll Mill Refiner--for a silky, smooth texture.

The slow, careful pour.

The slow, careful pour.

Drinking chocolate, bar and treats.

Drinking chocolate, bar and treats.

As Ritual Chocolate expanded, so did their internet needs.

When Anna began looking for an internet provider, she and Robbie weren’t too excited about the large, national internet providers Heber had to offer. Then they discovered All West. Anna talked with Phil Marchant and Bryce Gardner about her business’s needs—from running the POS system, being able to offer her customers internet and extending Wi-Fi to the office and warehouse so shipping could be done easily. She was also looking for a phone system that could be accessed “on the go” as her administrative manager travels frequently.

From the first phone call, Anna felt listened to, and appreciated not being sold something she didn’t need.

“Phil and Bryce were very responsive via phone and email without being pushy. I liked that there were lots of different levels (of internet) to choose from and that with All West I would always have local, personal service,” Anna remarked. All West provided Ritual Chocolate with 100Mbps fiber internet, a Plume® managed Wi-Fi solution and a Hosted VoIP phone system. Anna really values the fact that her internet “just works” as unstable, unreliable internet can leave a business without a POS system or ability to ship out orders—essentially leaving the business without the ability to do business. Anna went on to say, “The installation was really quick and easy. The Wi-Fi has been fantastic. No issues. We are very happy to have found a cost-effective solution for all our internet needs.”

On Ritual Chocolate’s website, Anna states, “We believe chocolate is about experiences. It’s all about sharing small moments and connecting with each other, and we try to keep those rituals going.” All West works hard to provide great experiences for their customers, connecting them to what matters most and ensuring a consistent, reliable broadband experience. And while Anna believes the chocolate-making process has “endless possibilities”—All West believes that fiber internet provides endless possibilities as well—for more speed, bandwidth and stability.

If you are looking for a great internet solution—or want to discuss upgrade options—call Phil or Bryce today at 877.584.1581. They are happy to help!

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Is Hosted VoIP Right for Your Business?

If you are looking for more flexibility, lower operating and maintenance costs, and more features for your phone system—consider a Hosted VoIP solution. Or maybe you have multiple locations or are maintaining multiple phone systems—consolidate them into one VoIP solution to save time and money. Here are five other considerations in moving to a Hosted VoIP solution:

Grows with Your Business

  • This cloud-based solution means you can add new users easily and without any capital outlay or additional equipment. There is no limit to adding users, sites or features.

Employees Can Work from Anywhere

  • If your employees can access the internet, they can access their phones. They can send and receive calls, get voicemail, and adjust their phone settings as if they were in the office.

Lower Costs

  • There is no need for additional servers or equipment and All West offers Grandstream phones if you don’t have VoIP-ready phones.
  • All West maintains the system for you so there are no surprise maintenance, upgrade or replacement costs.

Full of Features

  • Features that are typically additional charges on your legacy phone system, come standard with Hosted VoIP solutions. Enjoy caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer and voicemail without adding costs.
  • Be “seen” as a big business with auto attendant, menu-tree functions and more.
  • Use the “voice mail to email” feature to view your voice mails on a cell phone or other device.

We’ve Got You Covered

  • Your phones will be connected to our central data center, which is equipped with batteries and backup generators. So, even of the power goes out your phones stay up.
  • Maintenance updates will be done automatically, with little to no impact on your business.

Hosted VoIP solutions can be a very smart choice for small businesses. Hosted VoIP is flexible, scalable, low-cost and low-maintenance—and makes your business appear larger to callers.

For a free Hosted VoIP analysis, contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner today. They will be happy to walk through how Hosted VoIP could be right for your business.


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Cost-Cutting Strategies

Save money and time with these small business strategies.

  • Lease Equipment Rather Than Buy It to avoid big upfront costs. You’ll also save money on repairs, maintenance and upgrades, as many lease agreements cover these expenses. And you’ll save time by not having to worry about maintenance—or waste time trying to repair something when you can just call the lessor to take care of it.
  • Ask for a Discount on products and services. This includes everything from getting an interest-free loan to signing a long-term agreement for discounted service rates.
  • Stay on Top of Your Accounting to avoid paying late fees to vendors—you may even get a discount for paying early. And make sure you are billing clients in a timely fashion to keep cash coming in.
  • Reconsider Buying in Bulk to free up cash flow. Bulk buying is never a good deal if you are not going to use the product fully or before it expires. Bulk buying can add to storage costs too, which is never worth it.
  • Use High-Tech Alternatives to Legacy Systems and avoid high replacement and repair costs. Plus, that legacy system may be slowing down your business and limiting your ability to expand—wasting time and money.

All West offers leases on our managed Wi-Fi solution. Plus you can save big on internet costs with our 12-, 36- and 60-month agreements.

And our Hosted VoIP solution is less expensive and more reliable than a standard landline. (Read our blog post “Is Hosted VoIP Right for Your Business?” for more details on this high-tech, low-cost alternative.)

Contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner to determine how All West can help you save.

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Bear River Veterinary Clinic Partners with All West to Expand Services

The Right Combination of Internet and Phone Solutions Help Veterinary Clinic Expand Services

Bear River Veterinary Clinic, based in Evanston, Wyoming, opened a satellite clinic in Randolph, Utah, about a year and a half ago. The clinic, which provides care to beloved dogs and cats, also fills a unique need for ranchers and farmers in rural Utah and Wyoming by providing large animal care. It is the only veterinary clinic in Rich County and extends its services to Cokeville and Kemmerer, Wyoming, and Woodruff and Laketown, Utah.


Dr. Sam Nielsen, DVM, is the lead veterinarian and owner. The clinic staff is shared between the Evanston and Randolph locations. Dr. Sam, as he’s called by many, works solo or with the assistance of one veterinary technician. Dr. Sam makes many ranch calls, seeing horses and cows where they roam and graze. This keeps Dr. Sam and his staff very busy. Last fall, Dr. Sam conducted ultrasound exams on 26,000 cows!

Dr. Sam Nielsen, DVM

The office manager, Jem Wilson, who works in the Randolph location three days a week, wears many hats. Jem supervises employees, orders needed supplies, acts as the receptionist, manages the schedule—and oversees the office’s telecommunications needs.

That’s where All West came in. Jem contacted All West and worked with Bryce Gardner, Business Sales Consultant. Bryce listened to Jem’s needs and provided a solution that would work for the clinic. The fiber internet and phone system provided allows the clinic to meet growing demands and serve customers efficiently. Jem had this to say about the experience, “Bryce was great to work with. He was very responsive but not pushy. Bryce provided just what we needed.” Jem also commented on the quick response to issues. “I love that All West is just a phone call away, and I can talk with a real person. Kelly Hoffman has been awesome at troubleshooting!”

All West is proud to be the only fiber provider in the area. Fiber provides the fastest, most reliable internet experience. It allows businesses to quickly scale up their broadband needs without a large overhaul or investment. All West and Bear River Veterinary Clinic—working together to ensure pets and livestock get the care they need.

If you are looking to partner with All West for your internet or phone needs, give Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner a call at 877.584.1581. They would be happy to help!

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Being a Leader in a Work-from-home World

Do you feel like being a leader has gotten harder since your staff started working from home? Well, you’re not alone. It has gotten harder, but you can lead and communicate effectively with remote staff and co-workers. This top ten list has some great ideas on how to do just that:

  1. Keep your staff feeling connected with informal daily or weekly check-ins via phone or video call.
  2. Install chat software like Microsoft Teams for urgent or quick questions and real-time interaction.
  3. Understand that not everyone likes to communicate in the same way; get to know your staff’s preferences and let them know yours.
  4. Survey your staff to better understand needs and challenges. Share the results and create action plans to address concerns.
  5. Help staff understand the priorities for the business, department and team—as well as “work from home” expectations.
  6. Have some fun! Workplace is a great tool for sharing photos, videos, surveys and contests. Schedule a virtual lunch or happy hour where work talk is off limits. Create a team favorites playlist that can be added to weekly.
  7. Be empathetic. Know that not everyone has fully embraced this new work environment and there may still be adjustments for some. (Especially those with children.) Stress and anxiety may be high.
  8. Know that there will be bad days and challenges, and that’s okay. Let your staff know, “We’re all in this together.”
  9. Send staff members a note of encouragement or thanks via email or send a handwritten note.
  10. Celebrate team achievements and share company news via your company’s intranet or internal social platform.

These tips can help staff members feel less isolated and anxious—and feel more connected with what is going on with their department and the company. Effective communication can lead to higher levels of engagement and employee satisfaction—which leads to more productive employees. Implementing just a few of these tips can have a big impact.

Contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner at 877.544.1581 or sales@allwest.com for all your internet and phone needs.

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High-speed Internet Brings a Bundle of Benefits

When was the last time you evaluated your internet speed? Do you think you have the right speed for your current business needs?

As more of today’s business activities are done online and businesses require robust vendor and customer management tools and cloud-based services, having high-speed internet is essential. High-speed internet can put you ahead of your competition, increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction, and build stronger relationships with your vendors.

Employees don’t want to waste time waiting for files to download or upload, or lose a potential client due to a dropped video call. Customers who are put on hold while a representative’s computer “catches up” to display account information can cause frustration—and that customer may choose to take their business elsewhere.

If you haven’t updated your speed in a while, you may be missing out on productivity and revenue. High-speed internet can help your business many ways:

  • Better Video Conferencing – Be assured that your video call will go smoothly, without buffering or getting dropped.
  • More Productive Employees – Employees will be thrilled that they can quickly access needed information and don’t have to wait for large files to download or transfer.
  • Increased Bandwidth – Stop worrying about limited bandwidth or how many users or devices are connected to your internet—the higher the speed, the more bandwidth you have.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Serve customers quickly and efficiently with Point of Sale (POS) terminals that don’t freeze up or slow down. Take customer calls with confidence knowing you can access their information quickly.
  • Better Vendor Relationships – Shared platforms such as Google Docs and Dropbox can improve collaboration and make transferring information easier.
  • Cost Savings Hosted VoIP PBX solutions can now be an option. Hosted VoIP PBX offers big business features and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service. There’s no large capital outlay or need for additional IT resources.

Ensuring you have the right speed for your business creates a smoother, more efficient operation.

Contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner today at 877.584.1581 or sales@allwest.com for a business internet evaluation and to learn about our internet speed options.


Business Spotlight - Escapod, Coalville, Utah

Escapod founders, Chris and Jen Hudak are avid mountain bikers who saw a need for a well-built, all-terrain, house on wheels that was packed and ready to go when they were ready to go. From that need, Escapod was born, and four years ago, in Jen’s mom’s garage, they built a prototype. Chris and Jen took their prototype on the road, and the response was overwhelming. “We carved a strong niche in the market with fellow mountain bikers, and interest in our trailers spread like wildfire. Our days of roughing it as small business owners are long behind us. We now have 2500 sq.’ of office space with five front-of-house employees as well as eight employees operating in a 7500 sq.’ manufacturing facility,” explains Jen Hudak, co-founder and marketing maven.

One of the many things on the “building-a-business” to-do list was finding fast, reliable internet. Escapod also wanted to be sure their internet could cover them from end-to-end so they could reliably serve their customers—both buyers and renters. Chris Hudak contacted Phil Marchant, All West’s Corporate Sales Executive, to request services. Phil discussed possible options and provided Escapod with a 100Mbps fiber plan and managed Wi-Fi solution. Jen had this to say about the experience, “Working with All West's installation team during our renovation process was a breeze. They helped us to determine the best configuration for our internet setup and ensure that we'd have a dependable connection from anywhere on our premises.”

If you need to escape this summer—but want to keep your distance from others--consider an Escapod from Coalville, Utah. Let the TOPO Series take you off the beaten path with upgraded suspension, Rhino Rack crossbars to haul gear and a Sunseeker Awning to protect you from the elements. All trailers come equipped with LED lighting, a YETI cooler, USB chargers, 5” memory foam queen mattress and more! These beauties are custom designed and built right here in Utah. Not ready to buy? Fully-equipped Escapod trailers are also available for rent.

Local service, local products—All West and Escapod—both in Summit County, Utah, are ready to serve customers near and far.

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