All West Communications is a telecommunications company serving areas of Utah and Wyoming. Due to the extensive media coverage surrounding the recent Net Neutrality ruling we felt it was important to share our thoughts and plans.

Matt Weller, President of All West Communications stated: "All West believes in an open internet. We were not prioritizing or blocking traffic prior to the rules that went into place into 2015, so we did not have to change our practices at that time. Because the rules have changed again means only that the political pendulum has swung at the FCC. We still will not make any changes to our network management practices. We want our customers to have a great experience accessing the content and applications that are meaningful to them. There would be no benefit in us changing our network practices."

All West Communications believes in providing an excellent customer experience. We operate in areas with competition and there would be no competitive benefit in trying to negatively impact the experience our customers have using our network. We are hopeful this latest action will push Congress to enact a more permanent policy.

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