Do you use the internet for surfing the web or social media? How about working from home? Or even streaming your favorite TV entertainment? There are limitless ways that you can use your internet. We’ve narrowed down the different types of internet users into four categories and our speed recommendations. Which type are you?

The Geek

If you can name every Star Wars character or if you know what Wi-Fi 6 is, you may be an internet Geek. But, that’s not a bad thing. The internet Geek knows their way around technology and are an expert in using the internet. For all the Geeks out there, we recommend having 1 Gig speeds, but you already knew that, didn’t you.

The Social Butterfly

Do you like to surf the web or talk to your friends and family on Social Media? You may be a Social Butterfly. Social Butterflies know the latest in celebrity gossip and have mastered creating the perfect TikTok dance. They are novice internet users and like to use their internet for the basics, such as social media, sending emails and shopping online. For all the Social Butterflies, we recommend having 100 Mbps for streamlined internet use.

The Entertainment Buff

You may be an Entertainment Buff if you always have a fresh bowl of popcorn on hand and love to watch the latest movie releases from the comfort of your home. The Entertainment Buff always has more than one device streaming their favorite TV entertainment, and snacks are never too far away. They are an intermediate internet user and know enough about technology to be comfortable with it. For this user, we recommend 500 Mbps for all your streaming entertainment.

The Worker or Learner

Is the internet your lifeline to work and school online? Do you consider yourself a Zoom call expert and know how to turn the cat filter off and on? The Worker and Learner are continually using their internet connection to upload and download documents, email, and stream calls.  They are an intermediate internet user and know a little more than your average user. For all Workers or Learners, we recommend 200 Mbps for all your needs.

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