“What is SmartHub?” you ask. SmartHub is a web and mobile app that allows you to manage your account with All West. Here are 3 reasons why you should have an All West SmartHub account:

Smart Communication

Being transparent and keeping our customers informed about outages, scheduled maintenance, special offers, and more, is one of our top priorities. We understand how valuable your connection to information, entertainment, and communications is, which is why we offer email and SMS messaging updates.

No more having to check the website or Facebook for the latest news and updates on services in your area. Just log into SmartHub and adjust your notification settings and we'll give you live updates, so you always know what's happening at All West.

Smart Payments

When you have an All West SmartHub account, you can see all of your billing and payment history along with your current billing information. In addition to this, you can set up e-billing and autopay. E-billing and autopay automatically charges a credit card of your choice when your bill is due, so you never miss or have to worry about another payment.

When you go green by signing up for e-billing and autopay, All West will give you green with a one time $5 credit on your next bill.

Smart News

Do you want to know how to reach top speeds with your internet, or learn about what All West is doing to help the communities they serve? In SmartHub you can sign up to receive All West’s monthly e-newsletter. It’s full of helpful tech tips, exclusive offers that can save you money, and how All West is making a positive impact in your neighborhood.

Want to learn more about SmartHub and how to get your account activated today? Click here.

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