All West workers at a construction project beside a road

This March we're feeling lucky! We are thankful for our wonderful team and the great customers that we get to serve every day. The weather is getting warmer and if it keeps up, we will start construction back up in early April. We've spilled the beans on our upcoming plans for Spring below:


We will be giving in-depth details about our Spring expansion in Kemmerer once we get permitting approval. We are just as excited as you are to continue this expansion and we can't wait to tell you more. Sign up for our construction updates to get the latest news on this footprint release.


As the Timberlake's area grows, we are growing with it and the following streets will be able to sign up for Fiber:

Aspen Road
Green Briar


We are excited to be expanding our fiber footprint in Coalville. The following streets will be able to sign up for fiber:

Sagewood Way
Old Farm Ln.
150 South
100 North
50 South
50 North
50 West

For questions about our latest fiber releases, please call our Customer Care team at 866-255-9378.

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