Phone Service

Bringing You a Crystal-Clear Connection

Our home phone packages deliver clarity, quality and reliability, allowing you to forget the phone in your hand. Our Talk-A-Lot plan lets you to lose track of time and get lost in conversation. Tailor your plan with individual ringtones, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Solicitor Block, and more.

Local Plans

Local calling without limits--Our Residential Service Plans keep you in touch while allowing you the flexibility to add the features you want.

Long Distance Plans

Talk a little with our Standard Plan, or Talk-A-Lot with Nationwide, Anytime Long Distance.

Calling Features

Spruce up your service — Load your home phone with all the bells and whistles. Customize your home phone to reflect your taste.

Additional Services

Along with the numerous features available, All West offers CommPortal, International Calling, and participates in the Lifeline/Linkup program for qualified customers.


Our next-generation subscriber interface enables you to customize calling features, access visual voicemails, and check messages from anywhere.

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The Telephone Assistance Program, or “Lifeline”, provides eligible recipients with local telephone service at their primary residence at a reduced price.

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International Calling

All West offers International calling to anywhere in the world, from Albania to Zimbabwe, making the world just a little bit smaller in the process.

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