New reusable and renewable resources is one small step towards building a better community

KAMAS, UTAH | April 19, 2021 - All West shows how sustainability and green practices can help communities thrive with their e-billing, recycling and Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky programs. These initiatives are estimated to divert enough renewable energy and resources to reduce All West’s carbon footprint by over 1.8 million pounds of CO2 collectively in Utah and Wyoming.

These efforts to help keep the local communities, where their employees live and work, thrive is just one step forward for All West and its ongoing commitment to make every connection count. Along with All West’s redundant broadband network and unparalleled customer service, they are committed to supporting their neighbors through community giving and sustainability practices.

All West customers can also contribute to making difference by participating in All West’s E-billing and Autopay program, which reduces paper waste through electronic billing.  When customers sign up through All West’s service portal, SmartHub, they are given a one-time $5 bill credit as a thank you for their efforts. Currently, over 42% of customers have chosen to go green.

All West will be doing their part by recycling any old or outdated equipment as well as paper items and offsetting their power use with renewable resources. “We are proud to support our local communities and create a more sustainable future for all,” President Matt Weller stated. “This is a milestone in our ongoing journey to connect people to what matters most and being proactive towards making a difference.”

This transition will contribute to All West’s commitment to continuously work for the communities it serves and deliver solutions that make a positive impact.

All West Communications is proud to bring broadband, TV streaming and phone services to northeast Utah and southwest Wyoming. To learn more about All West, please visit

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