If you are looking for more flexibility, lower operating and maintenance costs, and more features for your phone system—consider a Hosted VoIP solution. Or maybe you have multiple locations or are maintaining multiple phone systems—consolidate them into one VoIP solution to save time and money. Here are five other considerations in moving to a Hosted VoIP solution:

Grows with Your Business

  • This cloud-based solution means you can add new users easily and without any capital outlay or additional equipment. There is no limit to adding users, sites or features.

Employees Can Work from Anywhere

  • If your employees can access the internet, they can access their phones. They can send and receive calls, get voicemail, and adjust their phone settings as if they were in the office.

Lower Costs

  • There is no need for additional servers or equipment and All West offers Grandstream phones if you don’t have VoIP-ready phones.
  • All West maintains the system for you so there are no surprise maintenance, upgrade or replacement costs.

Full of Features

  • Features that are typically additional charges on your legacy phone system, come standard with Hosted VoIP solutions. Enjoy caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer and voicemail without adding costs.
  • Be “seen” as a big business with auto attendant, menu-tree functions and more.
  • Use the “voice mail to email” feature to view your voice mails on a cell phone or other device.

We’ve Got You Covered

  • Your phones will be connected to our central data center, which is equipped with batteries and backup generators. So, even of the power goes out your phones stay up.
  • Maintenance updates will be done automatically, with little to no impact on your business.

Hosted VoIP solutions can be a very smart choice for small businesses. Hosted VoIP is flexible, scalable, low-cost and low-maintenance—and makes your business appear larger to callers.

For a free Hosted VoIP analysis, contact Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner today. They will be happy to walk through how Hosted VoIP could be right for your business.


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