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How ChartSquad Stays Agile with Services From All West

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ChartSquad is a patient health application that provides a Personal Health Record (PHR) in a secure, online format to all patients in the US. They help patients access their records, collect them from any treatment provider they have now or might have had in the past, store them for easy access on-demand, and share them with anyone they choose with a couple of clicks.

The Need For Speed As ChartSquad Expands To New Location

ChartSquad has moved its flagship location to Heber City in the last few months because of the growth the community is experiencing and friendly business environment. With this move, they needed a quality internet connection due to the vast amounts of data with massive file sizes being uploaded and downloaded daily. When ChartSquad discovered All West, it was the perfect match. “All West has been a godsend,” said owner Chris Carpenter. “With Gig speeds, our customers are never waiting, and it keeps our website responsive and quick.”

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A Seamless Transition to Keep Business Moving

All West’s business expert Phil Marchant assisted ChartSquad with their move to make the transition a seamless experience. “Phil Marchant has been nothing short of impressive. He responds immediately and bends over backward to make the client happy. We had extremely tight windows in our recent HQ relocation, and he met them. The entire move went off without a hitch in great part to the hard work of Phil and his team. “ said Chris. “All West has had zero downtime, zero issues, it was set it and forget it, and the level of service never falters.”

All West is proud to support businesses like ChartSquad and provide symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gig to keep business moving. When businesses come together, we can all succeed.

If you are looking to partner with All West for your internet or phone needs, give Phil Marchant or Bryce Gardner a call at 877.584.1581. They would be happy to help!

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Case Studies

Cooking Up Reliable Internet for Kettle Restaurant and RV Park

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Matt Wright and his wife Sheila have lived all over the US and have enjoyed some wonderful places.

When Matt took a job with Rocky Mountain Power in Kemmerer, WY, and found a new house, it was love at first sight, and they decided to make it home. With another five years to go until Matt retires, Matt and Sheila decided to start looking for a fun retirement gig. That’s when the Kettle restaurant serendipitously came into their lives.

Matt grew up working in restaurants and always had the dream of opening up his own someday. When the local RV park and restaurant came up for sale, he couldn’t say no. It was the middle of the COVID pandemic, and he thought, “Why not? What’s the worst thing that could happen.” Fast-forward nine months, and the Kettle Restaurant and RV Park are making headway and providing food and jobs for the community.

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Case Studies

Uinta County School District #1 Gives Teachers A Boost with All West

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All West Communications delivers best-in-class phone solutions for staff

All West Communications is pleased to support Uinta County School District #1, Evanston, Wyoming, with a new Hosted VoIP solution system that allows for greater stability, clear communication, and productivity.

Uinta County School District #1 has been using All West’s fiber-optic internet for over 15 years, and when their outdated analog phone system with their old carrier wasn’t meeting their needs, they called All West to move into the 21st century. When looking for a new phone system Chief Technology Officer and Facilities Director Jaraun Dennis said, “We needed a provider who was local so we could have in-person support. It was also essential to have a hosted cloud-based solution that met our needs of connecting over 400 phones.”

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Jaraun had worked with All West over the years, and so he called Corporate Sales Executive Phil Marchant. “It was a natural fit,” said Jaraun. “I knew Phil was an expert and could tell me if All West could meet the size and scope of what we needed.” Phil worked closely with Jaraun to clarify their needs and get their new Hosted VoIP solution up and running smoothly.

“The install was a true team effort,” said Phil. Due to a supply shortage and delayed manufacturing timelines, they had to move the original install date from August to October, which ended up giving network engineers enough time to map out the solution ensuring a smoother transition. When all the supplies were in stock, all hands were on deck to get this Hosted VoIP solution installed while teachers and students were on break. “The delay ended up working in our favor, ” said Phil. “The extra planning made moving approximately 40 plus ported phone lines a breeze. And, having the install over a planned break removed all concerns of having an interruption during class time.” All West not only delivered the products and services but personalized training and support as well.

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Since installing the new phone system, Uinta County School District #1 is already experiencing the benefits. Their past phone system required many additional steps to call outside of the district. “If our staff wanted to make a long-distance call, they had to call a switchboard first to call out, which was very frustrating with having so many cell phones from other states,” said Jaraun. He went on to say, “Everyone is excited about the change because we don’t have that problem anymore, and the clarity is crystal clear.” These little solutions have already made a significant impact for the district and how their staff uses the new phone system.

All West Communications is delighted to deliver these services to Uinta County School District and looks forward to a long partnership.

Case Studies

PGA Pro Powers Up New Budding Business With All West

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PGA Pro Justin Johnson has lived in the Park City, UT area for over 14 years.

After more than a decade of helping teach others how to get better at their golf game, he decided it was time to branch off on his own and open his golfing facility, IndoorGolfClub.

IndoorGolfClub is a members-only indoor golf lounge complete with a stocked fridge, TV entertainment, and a TrackMan golf simulator that analyzes every aspect of a golf player’s game to help perfect their skills. Members can access the lounge anytime by reserving a time slot and entering a specialized code at the door.

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When looking to open the facility, having a local internet provider was very important. Johnson said he looked at multiple options and All West was the best fit; “I really like the fact that I can pick up the phone if I need to and talk to a real person.” He worked with All West’s Corporate Sales Executive, Phil Marchant, to get set up and started. “Phil was great to work with. He took the guessing work out of the process and made the transition to All West easy.”

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Johnson also touts that a contributing factor to his sold-out membership is to the reliability of All West’s fiber network. “All West fiber has been vital to my business. Without reliable internet, our members wouldn’t have 24/7 access to the facility or simulator, which is a great added value.” Johnson went on to say, “Having a service that just works brings me a huge peace of mind in running my business.”

All West is proud to power businesses like IndoorGolfClub through technology and help them connect to what matters most. Thank you, Justin, for letting us share your All West experience. We look forward to serving you and your business for years to come.

Case Studies

Flexible Finishes Streamlines Processes with All West

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Joel Marler, Flexible Finishes owner, has been in business for over 30 years.

They specialize in commercial glass customizations ranging from frosted glass to window decals in buildings and vehicles. Over the years, Flexible Finishes has opened several locations, with their most recent opening in Evanston, WY.

When Joel moved his flagship location to Evanston, his previous internet provider was not meeting his business’s needs. The internet speeds were so slow that he would have to travel to Ogden, UT, to upload and download the large files needed for their business, which added days to complete orders. It was also crucial to his business to have a local phone number, and the previous carrier was not willing to accommodate their request. That’s when Joel decided to call All West.

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Joel has had All West internet for the last 15 years at his home in Woodruff, UT. He discovered All West when his neighbor who worked at All West recommended giving it a try. He wasn’t sure if they could serve his business too. “All West had everything we needed,” Joel expressed. With speeds up to 1 Gig, flexible phone options, and a team of experts dedicated to business customers, All West accommodated Joel’s needs. He no longer needed to travel back and forth to get a reliable internet connection to run his business, and he got the phone number he desired.

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“The internet just rocks!” Joel stated. “All West has made our processes seamless, and we can serve our customers faster.” He said, “When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is if you’re going to be able to rely on your internet so you can focus on your business. All West is local, their pricing is competitive, and their service just works.”

All West is proud to power businesses like Flexible Finishes through technology and help them connect to what matters most. Thank you, Joel, for letting us share your All West experience. We look forward to serving you and your business for years to come.

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