Due to the COVID-19 guidelines presented by the CDC, all April events have been postponed.

Our customers count on All West Communications to connect them to people, capabilities, tools, technology and our network. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with your internet and All West pledges to keep you connected!  Here are some activities you can do at home with your internet connection:

Family Streaming:

Need something to keep the kids busy while you work from home? Here are a couple of staff favorites while we practice social distancing.

  • The Cincinnati Zoo is live streaming every day on Facebook with an at-home safari. Kids can learn about a new animal every day and parents are encouraged to donate to keep the zoo afloat. Watch here.
  • Learn new drawing skills every day with artist JJK on YouTube here.
  • Virtual field trip at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Watch here.
  • Busy Kid is a chore app where kids can earn money for each chore and begin to learn about money management.
  • If you have a guitar at home. Fender Guitar is offering 3 months of lessons free.
  • PE with Joe. Keep your kids active and healthy in a fun and exciting new way.

Music Entertainment:

Various artists are going live online and performing free concerts to encourage people to donate to causes that are helping people affected by COVID-19. Here are a few we really enjoyed:

Video Chatting:

Stay connected with your family and friends with Video Chatting. It’s amazing what you can do with video chatting to feel more connected. For example, play games with items everyone has, such as Yahtzee or charades; the sky’s the limit. There are several chatting options out there, but we recommend:

TV Streaming:

With All West.tv you can still watch all your favorite movies and shows while the whole family is home. The app lets you stream up to 3 devices at home for free, or add the 5 device plan to your TV for $2.00/ mo. Here are some ways to watch:

  • Download the app and stream on your preferred digital device. See full list of supported devices here.
  • Watch with WatchTVEverywhere. Watch TV recordings and up to 78 networks when you’re on the go--on any mobile device. You can even set a recording from your phone if you forget to do it at home. (However, the All West.tv app is not transferable to other homes/locations.)
  • Cloud DVR. You can access your recordings anytime on any device with 100 hours of Cloud DVR.

We are committed to your connection and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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