All West Scholarship

The scholarship application for 2020 – 2021 school year will be available in January 2021.


Thank you to those students who applied for the All West scholarship.

Details regarding All West's scholarship application for the 2020 -- 2021 school year will be forthcoming. Student guidance counselors / advisors will be given details in late December.

Receipents of the 2019 -- 2020 scholarship can be found below:

Kailee Freeman – South Summit High School, Utah

South Summit High School Kailee Freeman

Tracyn Otterness – North Summit High School, Utah

North Summit High School, Utah

Sydney Hatch – Rich High School, Utah

Rich High School, Utah

Mallory Hoffman – Cokeville High School, Wyo.

Cokeville High School, Wyo.

Kai Haukaas – Evanston High School, Wyo.

Evanston High School, Wyo.

Grace Banks – Rock Springs High School, Wyo.

Rock Springs High School, Wyo.

Heather Gibson – Green River High School, Wyo.

Green River High School, Wyo. – Heather Gibson

Why We Offer a Scholarship

We believe post-secondary education can lead to greater opportunities and prosperity, not only for the individual but the community as well. We have seen what these scholarships mean to the students, and how they help students achieve their educational goals. Providing scholarships is a meaningful way to support our community beyond telecommunication services.


Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Our scholarship program is intended to help offset some of the costs of higher education, and recognize students with noteworthy community and/or school involvement and who will be pursuing a career in telecommunications, technology, or business.

Eligibility requirements are forthcoming.


How to Apply

Application details will be provided soon.


Schedule and Deadlines

The submission deadline and schedule details will be posted soon.


Contact Suzanne St. Pierre at 435.783.4974 or