• Do I need a home phone line to activate internet service?

    If you are in a federally-regulated (ILEC) area, phone service is required for internet service. However, non-regulated (CLEC) areas do not require a phone. 

  • Will my service work if my battery goes out?

    Click here to find out what to do when your battery goes out.

  • How I can access my mailbox?

    ​1.  Dial *21 if calling from your home phone.

    1.  If requested, enter your password followed by the # key.

    Your password will be a default of four zeros (0000) until you

    change it.

    1.  Main Menu: Press 1 to retrieve messages, press 2 to send,

    press 7 for current date and time, or press 9 for mailbox setup.


    If you’re calling from a remote phone:

    1.  Dial 435-783-2020 for Park City/ Kamas and Heber areas

      435-336-9090 Coalville area

      435-793-2020 Randolph area

      307-444-2020 Evanston area

      307-279-1950 Cokeville area

    1. Enter your telephone number.
    2. Follow the same step 2 and 3 above to access your mailbox.
  • How can I change my long distance carrier?

    ​You may change your long distance carrier at any time by contacting Customer Service and completing the carrier change request form. Carriers other than All West will send you separate bill for long distance charges. If changing both interstate (out-of-state) and intrastate (in-state) services, both forms will need to be completed. There will be a charge for each carrier change to any number. There is no charge to initiate All West long distance.

  • How can I change my phone number?

    You may contact us to change your number at any time. Changing your number may incur additional charges on your subsequent bill.

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