Business Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Solutions

A high-functioning router for a secure wireless business network. Connect computers, laptops, tablets and other devices for a superior broadband experience.

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi

Price: $9.95/month

The Gigacenter Managed Wi-FI is a high-functioning router that creates superior broadband experience for a secure wireless business network.

Plus, you can make your network more secure by activating separate guest networks so guests and clients can freely use your business Wi-Fi connection without harming your business network. You can also blacklist certain websites from office view.

And the best part? If you do have any technical issues, we’ve got you covered with sophisticated remote monitoring and diagnostics that help us quickly identify and resolve any problems you may be experiencing—and, in most cases, without having to send a technician to your business.


  • All-in-one solution:
    Manage and monitor your internet data, devices and bandwidth consumption.
  • Advanced function:
    Control what your employees can access online and for how long. You also benefit from firewall and internet diagnostics.
  • Better Internet Experience:
    Enjoy better Wi-Fi coverage and fast internet speed.
  • tech-support-blue
    Troubleshooting and Support:
    Save money on possible trip and labor costs. We may be able to solve your internet problem from our office.

Do you have an area in your office with a weak Wi-Fi signal?

Price: $4.95/month

Wi-Fi signal not quite reaching every corner of your business? Want to enhance that? Mesh is the answer.

This small, wireless device extends your business’s Wi-Fi capabilities farther than ever before. It works in conjunction with the Gigacenter—which can handle up to four Mesh devices at once. And the best part is you can install it yourself and it costs just pennies a day.

Network Security Features

Check out the links below for more information on the setting up a secure business network.

Your business network might be at risk for viruses or malware--slowing down or halting your ability to conduct business. Setting up a secure network keeps all that data under your control. All West provides Internet Protection Plans to shield your system, including virus protection, data back-up and password genie.