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Customize your TV experience with our app-based, install-yourself, streaming TV platform.



A new TV platform that brings you a new TV experience.

All is powered by the latest TV technology on the market. Now you and your family can enjoy a beautiful, simple, and modern TV experience. Watch live TV while simultaneously having the ability to watch your favorite shows and movies on demand.

With All you’ll be able to watch your subscribed channels from anywhere!

Watch your way on your preferred streaming device. See device options

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With three packages to choose from, and up to 150+ live channels you’ll never miss your favorite shows.

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Customize Your Experience with TV Made For You

See why everyone is raving about All

  • watch-on-many-devices
    Watch On Many Devices

    It works on many streaming devices like, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick and more.

  • Personalization

    The platform learns what you like to watch and it makes suggestions of new shows and movies just for you! Also, your favorite movies and shows and your watch-history will be displayed for easy access.

  • You are in control

    Search your favorite movies and shows using just your voice via a voice remote. You can also re-watch shows within 72 hours of their last programmed time.

  • High Definition

    If you have a high-speed internet connection you’ll be able to enjoy all the channels in HD (High Definition) and in 4K if channels are available.

  • Cloud-dvr
    Cloud DVR

    You can access your recordings anytime on any device with 100 hours of Cloud DVR.

  • Live Guide

    Filter movies and tv shows by genre. Making it easier to find what you want to watch.

  • TV that knows you

    You can create a profile for each member of your family.

  • WatchTVEverywhere

    Watch TV recordings and up to 78 networks when you’re on the go--on any mobile device. You can even set a recording from your phone if you forget to do it at home. (However, the All app is not transferable to other homes/locations.)

  • saves-you-money
    Say goodbye to the past

    No more paying for set-top boxes, DVR and HD. You’ll have all your recordings in cloud storage and all channels will be in HD.

  • Parental Control

    Control what your kids can watch with parent controls.

  • devices
    Live shows and local TV

    Watch your favorite local channels, sitcoms, sports, movies and more!

  • You’ll have local support

    We are always here for you. If you have questions about your tv service or experience, we're here 24/7/365. Call 866-255-9378

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Pick the Package that suits you best.

Enjoy live local channels and all your favorite networks.

With hundreds of channels in the lineup, something great is always on TV. All West has the networks you want, including STARZ, HBO® and Showtime, giving you access to the hottest new shows and movies. Keep it simple with Local Access, or go Expanded for more options.

Video On Demand

Watch your TV shows and movies anytime you want

Video On Demand with All gives you the option to watch your favorite TV shows and movies instantly, rather than having to watch at a specific broadcast time.


Supported Devices

All give you a variety of options to watch your favorite TV shows. From movie channels to sports channels, and from premium channels to educational channels, the possibilities are brimming over. See all of the different devices you can watch on below.


Mobile Phone

Device Name Level 1 Max Resolution
iPhone (iOS 13+) Yes (FPS) 1080p
Android Phone (8+) (including Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note 10+) Yes (WV) Up to 4K (if supported by device)
Google Pixel (3 Series & 4, 4XL, 4A & Slate) Up to 4K (if supported by device)


Device Name Level 1 Max Resolution
iPad (iOS 13+) and iPad (OS 13+) Yes (FPS) 1080p
Android Tablet (8+) Yes (WV) Up to 4k (if supported by device)

Smart TV

Device Name Level 1 Max Resolution
Android TV (OS 8+) - Philips, Sharp, Sony and Hisense Yes (WV) Up to 4k (if supported by device)
Amazon Fire TV Edition (OS 5+) - Element, Toshiba and Insignia Yes (WV) Up to 4k (if supported by device)


Device Name Level 1 Max Resolution
Google Chrome (Win 49+, OS X 55+) Yes (WV) 1080p
Microsoft Internet Explorer (11+ on Windows 8.1+) Yes (PR) 1080p
Microsoft Edge (13+) Yes (PR) 1080p
Apple Safari (8+ Mac OS X 10.11+) Yes (FPS) 1080p
Mozilla Firefox (47+) Yes (WV) 1080p

Streaming Stick

Device Name Level 1 Max Resolution
Amazon Fire TV Stick* (Fire OS 5+) (Gen 2, 4K versions and Lite) Yes (WV) 1080p
Android (OS 9+) Tivo Stream 4K & Chromecast with Google TV
  • *Gen 1 Fire Stick not supported due to poor performance.

Streaming STB

Device Name Level 1 Max Resolution
Apple TV (OS 13+) Standard & 4K Yes (FPS) 1080p
Android Xiaomi MiBox (5.1+) (Standard & 4K) Yes (WV) 4k
Android nVidia Shield (Standard & Pro) 4K
Android Ematic (Jetstream AGT418)
Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS 5+) Pendant (Gen 3) & Cube (Gen 1 & 2) Yes (WV) Up to 4k (if supported by device)
  • *Certification on Nvidia Shield devices, Xiaomi MiBox, Sony Smart TVs

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