Internet Service

Managed Wi-Fi


GigaCenter Managed Wi-Fi you don’t need to buy your own

Price: $9.95/month

With Managed Wi-Fi you don’t need to buy your own router or do your own network management, All West does it for you.


A high-functioning router for a secure wireless home network. Connect computers, laptops, gaming systems, tablets and other devices for a superior broadband experience.

  • home-wifi
    All-in-one solution:
    Manage and monitor your internet data, devices and bandwidth consumption.
  • Advanced function:
    Control what your kids can access online and for how long. You also benefit from firewall and diagnostic tools.
  • Better Internet Experience:
    Enjoy better Wi-Fi coverage and fast internet speed.
  • tech-support-blue
    Troubleshooting and Support Included:
    Save time and money by avoiding possible technician visits. We can solve your internet problem from the office.

Do you have an area in your home with a weak Wi-Fi signal?

Price: $4.95/month

Maybe in your basement or attic?

Mesh is a small wireless device that extends your home’s Wi-Fi capabilities farther than ever before! This device will increase the overall strength of your Wi-Fi connection so you can enjoy a much stronger Wi-Fi signal while giving you the best possible online experience in every corner of your home.

Mesh is so easy to set up, you’ll be able to install it yourself.

Network Security Features

Check out the links below for more information on setting up a secure home network.

You can use the internet to see pictures of far off places and catch up with your family on the other side of the US, but during your travels you may pick up a virus or malware that will slow your computer and put your personal information at risk. Setting up a secure network keeps all that data under your control. All West provides Tech Home Protection Plans to shield your system, including virus protection, data back-up and password genie.