Traditional TV

  • How do I block a channel?

    ​Press MENU and highlight SETTINGS. Then enter your password, highlight OK and press OK. Select PREFERENCE and press OK. Select CHANNEL BLOCKING to turn ON or OFF, highlight ON and press OK. To edit the list of channels that are blocked, highlight the EDIT button and press OK.​​​​​

  • I’m having a problem with my cable TV

    ​If you are having any problems with your cable TV, you can call 866-255-9378, email us at or live chat with us.

    Would you like to edit where your DVR recordings start and stop?

    ​Sometimes the different networks don’t always start their programming at the top of the hour. If you need to adjust your recording at the beginning or end it’s very simple to do so.

    Follow the steps below to learn about editing your favorite recordings.

    Once you have created a recording, you can adjust when the recording begins or ends. This ensures nothing is missed in case the broadcaster’s time doesn’t precisely match up with yours.

    Step 1 – Pick an upcoming recording: Locate the program to be recorded. Highlight OK. You can locate the program by finding it on the Guide or by accessing it through the To Record option on the DVR menu.

    Step 2 – Edit Recording: From the​​​ options shown for this program, highlight Edit Recording and press OK.

    Step 3 – Select start and end times: Arrow up or down to choose start or end and press ok. Once you see arrows above and below the start or end box, arrow up or down to adjust the start or end time.

    Step 4 – Click enter to finalize your selection

    Step 5 – Press exit on your remote to get out​​

  • How many channels can I record on my DVR at one time?

    Two programs can be recorded at a time or if you are a fiber customer, call us to increase the number of shows you can record – up to 4 shows at a time – with the same great price you are paying today. If you want to watch TV while shows are recording, you may watch one of the shows as it is recording or watch something that has already been recorded, all while your other shows are recording.​

  • Do I need to have a Set-Top Box for each TV?

    ​Yes. A set-top box (receiver) needs to be connected to each TV. The service is delivered through the receiver in order to send entertainment programming to your television.​

  • How I can download the Video User Guide?

    Click here to download your User Guide

  • Where can I find my TV Guide?

    Click here to see your TV Guide

  • What is WatchTVEverywhere?

    ​WatchTVEverywhere allows you to watch your favorite television shows and programs at no extra charge on any internet-connected device: smartphone, laptop, tablet and more.

    Using your All West account number (which can be found on your billing statement),  click here to register.​ You can also view a full and growing lineup of available channels via the link. (Some channels may require you to download their app and/or log in again.)

  • What is a sun outage? Why does it cause certain channels to go out?

    ​Twice a year, at the Spring and Fall Equinox, satellite sites in the Northern Hemisphere experience reception interruptions due to the transition of the sun. Reception interruptions span a period of about ten days as the sun aligns directly above the satellite and the antenna. This affects any channel received via satellite and causes a signal reception outage depending on which satellite the sun is aligned with at the time. The outages usually last less than 10 minutes.​

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