Business Internet Plans

Speeds to Keep Your Business Moving

Whether running an up-and-coming restaurant, a cozy bookstore, or bustling office is your business, we make it our business to keep you connected. Choose one of our consistently quick internet speeds to keep your workplace working while matching your price point.

Internet Plans and Symmetrical Premium Broadband

Speed up everyday operations with our fastest Broadband speeds to eliminate wait and accelerate your productivity. Our Business Customer Support line is open 24/7, providing around the clock service.

Static IPs

Secure your network with static IPs.

Static IPs don’t change like dynamic IPs do. Add our superior IP for dedicated services such as mail, FTP and web servers. Static IPs also:

  • provide an extra layer of protection against security problems
  • reduce lapses in connection because you’re easier to find as your address isn’t constantly changing
  • usually provide faster access to content; however, if you are on DSL, the speed differences may not be noticeable
  • give you access to geolocation data that is more accurate when compared to a dynamic IP. The business benefits of this data can be far-reaching, including delivery management, asset location information, content customization, load balancing, and fraud detection.

Set-up fee: $100

Block of 4 IPs = 1 usable IP
Block of 8 IPs = 5 usable IPs
Block of 16 IPs = 13 usable IPs
Block of 32 IPs = 29 usable IPs


We provide T1’s, Ethernet, DS3’s, and other custom circuits to provide increased bandwidth, including dedicated data transmission, alarm circuits, transaction processing or other applications upon request.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Optimize Your Business’ Wi-Fi Performance

With GigaCenter Managed Wi-Fi, you don’t need to buy your own router or do your own network management. All West does it for you!