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Calling Features

Customize your basic calling plan with the special features you desire. Maybe distinct ring tones are music to your ears. Perhaps blocking unwanted solicitors strikes a chord. With a low monthly charge, choosing the features that you prefer is in perfect harmony with your pocketbook.

Most Popular Features

  • Call-Waiting

    Never miss another important call while using your phone line. Call Waiting notifies you that you have a second call waiting with a short tone every 10 seconds. The caller will hear the standard ring tone until you decide to take the call or let it roll to voicemail.

  • Basic Voicemail

    Basic Voicemail includes a voice mailbox that stores messages left by callers when the line is busy or unanswered. A distinct stutter-tone notifies you of new stored messages when you pick up the phone. Check your messages from any touchtone phone.

  • Premium Voicemail

    Premium Voicemail provides you with all the features of Basic Voicemail with the option of forwarding those voicemails to your email inbox. Our Premium package includes: 100 messages, up to 30 minutes of total time, and a 120 second limit per message.

  • Caller ID

    Knowing who is on the line before picking up the phone gives you the ability to decide whether to accept the call or let the machine get it. The Caller ID display device (sold separately) identifies the incoming caller, including their number, date, and time of call.

  • Private Number Blocking

    Protect your line from unidentified callers. Private Number Blocking screens blocked numbers with an automated message advising them that you do not accept calls from anonymous numbers, and how to unblock their number in order to reach you.

  • Solicitor Block

    Solicitor Block plays a warning message at the beginning of each incoming call that you do not accept calls from telemarketers, and instructs them to add your number to the ‘Do Not Call’ list. You can opt to turn off the automated message for specified callers.


Other Calling Features

  • Call Forwarding Fixed

    Accept important business calls when you are in a meeting or have stepped away from your desk.

  • Call Forwarding Variable

    Our Variable Call Forwarding option comes with the same features as the Fixed plan, but with the option of choosing between more than one number. Forward your office calls to an associate and your cell phone to a family member when expecting an important call.

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