We offer two versions of webmail. Read below for more details and select the system that works best for you:

Webmail Version 2.0
For name@allwest.net. name would be the username.

Our new webmail uses more modern programming and works similar to gmail or other popular web based email providers.

  • Displays html email properly (newsletters, greeting cards, pictures).
  • Compatible with all modern browsers and upcoming technologies.

Webmail Version 1.0
For name@allwest.net. name@allwest.net would be the username.

Our original webmail system uses a technology that is compatible with older browsers but may not display modern html emails properly.

  • Compatible with all browsers including all versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Displays text based emails properly but may not display html or other modern emails properly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I select and delete multiple emails using the new webmail portal?
  2. More questions will be added soon.

Do you have a question regarding the website or email portal? Email your question to webmaster@allwest.com and we will answer the question and post it here.


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