Parental Controls

Control Your TV

Parental Controls lets you turn on and off all parental controls for your service. With Parental Controls on, the kids can watch TV without you constantly worrying they may see something inappropriate. With Parental Controls off, adults can watch their programs without repeatedly entering a password.

When Parental Controls are on, titles of programs that exceed your parental control settings will not be shown. Once Parental Controls are turned off, all program titles will be shown.

Here’s What You Can Do

Share Rentals:

Share Rentals makes Video on Demand rentals available for any user, or only available to the user who makes the purchase.

Require Login:

Require Login determines if a user name and password must be entered before being able to use your TV service.

Channel Blocking:

You can block or unblock any channel. Blocked channels WILL NOT APPEAR in channel lineup or available channels. Programs on blocked channels cannot be watched regardless of the rating of the program(s) being shown.

Movie Rating:

Movie Rating determines the highest rating for movies that will not be blocked.

TV Rating:

TV Rating determines the highest rating for television that will not be blocked.

Unlock Timeout:

Unlock Timeout determines how long parental controls will remain disabled when turned off from the Main Menu.


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