DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVR, or Personal Video Recording, allows you to pause live TV and record programs digitally without the need for tapes or discs.

Here’s What Your DVR can do:

Pause Live TV

Your DVR allows you to pause live TV, meaning a channel that you are currently watching. This can enable you to walk away from your TV and return without missing anything. You can fast forward from the point where you paused to the point where you catch up with live TV.

Quick Recording

The fastest and easiest way to begin recording is to use the Record button on your remote control. Recording will begin immediately, and the Infobar will appear with a red Record icon next to the Live TV indicator.

Schedule a Recording

Never miss a show just because you’re not around to watch it. Using the guide you can schedule a single recording for a show or record an entire series of a show. You may also set priority to your recordings in case of an overlap.

Store Shows

Retrieve previously recorded shows indefinately. Watch your favorite shows over and over until you decide to delete them.

Parental Controls

Block unwanted content from being watched or recorded.

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