CommPortal Information

CommPortal is All West’s next-generation subscriber interface, enabling customization of calling features, access to contacts, missed calls and visual voicemail.

Now you can access your phone messages from anywhere in the world! All West’s CommPortal allows you to access a whole new generation of voicemail services. Using the CommPortal dashboard, you can access your call management tools from any Internet-connected computer anywhere. You can even have each incoming voice mail sent to your email instantaneously.

Unified messaging simplifies voicemail and call management. You can see a record of all your calls – incoming, outgoing and missed calls, as well as the call time, date, and length of the call.

Compose and send voicemails to individual subscribers or a group of subscribers while logged in to CommPortal – without ever having to place a disruptive call to the intended recipient(s). This service is ideal for delivering quick, personal, messages, greetings or updates.

Using CommPortal’s caller screening, you can avoid annoying nuisance calls. This ensures that only the callers you select will get through.

Live message screening lets you listen to voicemail messages as they are being recorded. When a caller is leaving a message, your phone will ring with a distinctive tone. You can answer your phone to hear the message and connect to the caller at any time during the recording.

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