Calling Features

Call-Waiting* $1.00/month popular feature

While you’re on the phone, a short tone lets you know that a second call is waiting. The party calling you will hear the usual ringing signal. After 10 seconds, you will hear another short tone as a reminder.

Cancel Call-Waiting $1.00/month

*70 deactivates Call Waiting for the duration of the call.

Three-Way Calling * $1.00/month

This feature allows you to speak with two people in different locations at the same time.

Basic Voice Mail $5.00/month popular feature

Basic Voicemail provides you with a mailbox where messages are stored whenever your line is busy or unanswered. In addition, you can access your mailbox at any time from any TouchTone telephone. A distinct stutter-tone will let you know you have Voicemail when you pick up the phone. Includes: 50 messages, up to 10 minutes of total time, 90 second limit per message.

Premium Voice Mail $10.00/month popular feature

Premium Voicemail provides you with all the features of Basic Voicemail plus the added bonus of receiving your voicemail in your email inbox. Includes: 100 messages, up to 30 minutes of total time, and 120 second limit per message.

Call Forwarding Fixed * $1.00/month

Call Forwarding lets you forward any incoming calls to a pre-selected number. You simply turn the feature on or off as needed.

Call Forwarding Variable * $1.00/month

Call Forwarding lets you forward any incoming calls to any number you select. You simply turn the feature on or off as needed.

Call Forwarding – Busy * $1.00/month

Call Forwarding-Busy forwards any incoming calls to a pre-selected number when the line is busy. This service can be used in conjunction with Call Forwarding-No Answer. The call will be forwarded to a pre-selected number depending on if the line is busy or if there is no answer.

Solicitor Block $3.00/month popular feature

Solicitor Block provides for an automatic message to play at the beginning of each incoming call. The message warns telemarketers that you do not accept their calls and instructs them to add you to their ‘Do Not Call’ list. You also receive the ability to turn off the warning message for specified callers.

Non-Published/Listed Number $1.00/month

Number not listed in telephone book or in directory assistance.

Non-Listed Number $0.50/month

Number not listed in telephone book, but is available through directory assistance.

Distinctive Ring $1.00/month

This feature gives you up to three additional distinctive rings in addition to your regular home phone ring. All calls come through on the same line to your home phone, but each one has a different distinctive ring. This way, you can tell the difference between home and business calls depending on which number was called.

Toll Restriction $1.00/month

Allows you to restrict outgoing long distance calls.

Private Number Blocking * $1.00/month popular feature

This feature allows you to block calls from unidentified numbers. Private Number Blocking routes calls from blocked numbers to a recorded announcement advising the caller that you do not accept anonymous calls. The recording also advises callers on how to unblock their number in order to reach you.

Called Number Rejection * $1.00/month

Select up to 9 numbers that you do not accept calls from.

Caller ID Name Blocking $0.50/month

Block your number from being viewed on someone’s Caller ID device. To release the block, simply press *82.

Caller ID/Call Waiting * $1.00/month popular feature

Caller ID/Call Waiting allows you to see (on caller ID Box) who is calling while you’re on the phone. You can place the existing call on hold, take the second call, and even toggle from one to another. Must have Call Waiting and Caller ID.

Caller ID $4.00/month popular feature

Caller ID (a.k.a Call Number Delivery) allows you to see who is calling on incoming calls. Caller ID display devices (sold separately) keep a record of each call, including the calling party’s number, date and time of the call.

Remote Call Forwarding * $1.00/month

This feature allows you to set a call forwarding number for your line while away from that line.

One-time charge may apply when adding new features to your plan.

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