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The difference between SD and HD is clear, literally. What you gain in clarity will make you wonder if you were even watching TV before you made the switch.

HD for a Theater Close to Home

Transform your TV into a viewing experience that will supercharge movie night. HD gives you a more vivid picture and a brighter display, without the line to the box office. When word gets out that your home theater is like the real thing, you’ll need to start charging admission.

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Courtside Tickets, Couchside

HD makes the picture so real, you will feel like you are on the free-throw line, see beads of sweat on the quarterback’s brow, and the fire in the players' eyes when they come out of the huddle. High Definition TV gets you up close and personal for your favorite sporting event.

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Along with the ability to stop time, skip to the best part, watch and re-watch your favorite shows, DVR gives you complete control over your viewing schedule. Record now and view at will.

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Get HD Channels

With images so clear you could reach out and touch them, watching the newest episode in your favorite series just got real. HD eliminates the space between you and the shows you love.

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