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DVRs have revolutionized the way we watch TV by giving you complete control. They let you skip to the good stuff, giving you time to watch it over and over again. All West offers three types of Set Top Boxes for your viewing pleasure.​​ Check out some of the best features below.

Pause Live TV

Life doesn’t have a pause button, but your DVR does. Now you don’t have to choose between taking dinner out of the oven and seeing the game-winning play.

Quick Recording

Start recording fast with the touch of a button. No tapes, discs or timers necessary. Just point, click, and enjoy the programming at your leisure.

Schedule Recordings

Never miss an episode by scheduling your DVR to record all your favorites ahead of time. Set it up for a single program or the whole season, so you’re covered. Or you can use the Remote Scheduling feature on the YOURTV app which allows you to schedule recordings and manage existing recordings on your DVR with your smartphone or tablet while away from home.

Store Shows

Save choice shows for later viewing, or an end of the season marathon. The DVR will store programming until you’re ready to part with it.

DVR Set Top Box

Have your cake and eat it too. DVRs allow you to watch one show while recording another, or record multiple shows at once. No more picking favorites, unless you want to. Prioritize your recording schedule and watch at will. Having total control over your viewing schedule is the cherry on top.

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HD Set Top Box

The fog of Standard Definition is clearing to reveal the crisper, cleaner quality of HD. High Definition is a breath of fresh air on a cloudless day, allowing you to see images in a refreshing way. Let your TV shine, with bright, vibrant colors that let you pay attention to the details. On a clear day, you can see forever.

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Standard Set Top Box

Beyond basic, the Standard Set Top Box is your front row ticket to the main event. Turn your TV into a portal of boundless entertainment. With hundreds of channels and thousands of blockbuster movies and award-winning series to choose from, your TV will never be lonely again.

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Get DVR or Whole Home DVR

When life gets busy, it’s nice to have the option to fast forward to the important stuff or pause and take a break. The DVR lets you decide what deserves your time. Prioritize your programming to record what you want; time is precious. Also, now with the Whole Home DVR, up to six set boxes in the household can record programs and view live or pre-recorded shows from any room in the house. You can also stop recording the program in one room and continue to watch it in another.

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Get HD Channels

Enhance your life with High-Definition. With HD images of far-off places so clear, you will feel like you are there. Let the crisp white of the snow-capped Alps and the crystalline waters of Crete allow you to escape to a brand new story.

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