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Use the green menu below to select a TV Plan (Local Choice, Basic Choice, Expanded Choice, and Total Choice) and view the channel lineup for each one. (Channels shown are added as they become available in at least one area, not all channels are available in all areas, visit with one of our Customer Service Representatives about channels that may not be available in your area). The Total Choice package includes ALL channels, excluding Red Zone. Enhanced Basic – RS and GR includes ALL channels, excluding Premium Channels in asterisk.

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Premium Channels

Turn your TV into the big screen—For masterful cinematography and award winning series’, look no further than our Premium Channel Packages. Gain admission to exclusive programs like House of Lies, Game of Thrones®, Spartacus, and Banshee from the moment they air. For a home theater experience, just add popcorn. 

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More Channels for More Choices—With Mystery, Action, Western, Comedy and more, STARZ and STARZ ENCORE have whatever genre tickles your fancy. Not in the mood for a movie? Maybe an original series like Da Vinci’s Demons or Black Sails will float your boat. Choosing from 13 channels and thousands of new movies each month always hits the spot.​ 

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Dial up the Drama—HBO® has the hit movies and original series that keep you wanting more. They brought you long-running classics like the Sopranos and Sex and the City, and instant classics like Game of Thrones® and True Blood. HBO® delivers Blockbusters and award-winning television that keeps you on the edge of your seat week after ​week.  

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Push your TV to the max—Turn your ordinary carpet into the red carpet with a new movie premiere every Saturday night on Cinemax, tuxedo optional. Get sizzling box-office hits straight from the big screen to your big screen while they’re still hot. You can even bring the heat to your smart phone with Max Go, FREE with your premium package.  

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Showtime put all the stars in one place—Spend the day with Henry the VIII, Dexter, Penny Dreadful and Nurse Jackie in a series lineup matched only by the movie and documentary roster. Meet your favorite athletes as they compete in the latest main event, on 60 Minutes Sports or getting grilled by Jim Rome, who never pulls any punches.  

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All West also brings you local high school channels.Be there even when you can’t be there. Make sure to DVR these special broadcasts for repeated viewings. 

For more information call 1-866-ALL-WEST

South Summit School District

We have front row seats to see the South Summit Students perform in choir and band concerts as they happen. Watch Wildcats compete in basketball, football, wrestling, and soccer broadcast live to your home. 


North Summit School District

Get access to the latest sporting events and tournaments, and watch the Braves compete against local area schools across the district. Watch them War Whoop to victory in Basketball, Football, Baseball, and more. 


Cokeville School District

Cokeville High School invites you to check out sporting events, films, commercials, and other visual media produced by students, broadcast 24 hours a day with a variety of programs, all starring the Cokeville Panthers. 



Digital Video Recorders let you have complete control over when you view your favorite shows and movies together as a family. Take the time to relish every moment, because life doesn’t have a pause button.  

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Get HD Channels

Imagine chariot races, car chases, and light-sabre battles right in the middle of your living room. You might want to change the channel to a nice, safe cooking show. High Definition Television is not for the faint of heart.  

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